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GumBits For Grinding

When people hear a horse grind its teeth, the immediate assumption is that the behavior is caused somehow by the rider. This generally isn't the case, at least not directly. read more

Mounting Blocks

Mounting blocks are not an easy way for you to mount. They're an easier, safer way for your horse to experience you climbing into the saddle. read more

Quiet Hands

The usual formula for riding is: Aid + Timing + Intensity. All three factors interact, so you give the right aid at the right time with the right volume. You may apply the correct aid with the right pressure, but if you do so a little early or late, the horse won't respond the way you intend. read more

Attaching The Longe Line

How to properly attach a longe line to your horse to ensure safety and control. read more

Media Critique: Kottas On Dressage

This book is a long-awaited resource, with brilliant, well-placed color photos that clearly show what the author is discussing and line art that further drives the text. The rider in the photos is Kottas's daughter, and many were taken in a field, showing there's no reason to be ring-bound, even if you're doing "dressage." read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Slipping In Stirrups

Dressage expert Margaret Freeman answers a reader's question about her foot slipping in her stirrups. read more

Be Seen On The Trail

A discussion about wearing blaze orange and/or reflective gear when riding and how to find the best choices. read more

New Experiences: De-Spooking Clinic

A review of a despooking clinic by Bill Richey,mounted police horse trainer. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: What If The New Horse Is Different Once You Get Him Home?

An attorney responds to a question from an article about horses that are "lemons." read more

It's Time to Re-Think Early Weaning of Horses

For the most part, the symbiotic relationship between the domestic horse and humankind works out well. The horse gets immunization from fatal diseases, readily available food and protection from predators . . . but one change that receives little discussion is weaning. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Why Does My Horse Canter Disunited?

A discussion from a professional trainer about why a horse may not be cantering well. read more

Nervous Horses

You’re hacking peacefully along when you feel a tremor go through your horse’s body. His previously floppy ears snap forward, and his head rises up. As you wonder when your horse turned into a giraffe, his steps become slower and shorter, his back drops, and he emits the emphatic horse-in-jeopardy snort. You look left and right, desperately trying to see the flesh-eating monster that must have just emerged from the bushes. But you see nothing. Nothing but rocks, trees and grass. The same rocks, trees and grass that have always been there. understand what’s read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Do I Really Need to Use a Bit?

Should I continue to try to get him to work with a bit, or just forget it? I won't be riding any discipline that requires it—we'll just trail ride for fun. If you think he should be wearing a bit, how will I get him to accept it quietly? And should he hold it still in his mouth before I try to ride with it? read more

A Look Back: "Here’s Hoping We’ll Host Another WEG Soon"

Performance Editor John Strassburger reflected on the thrill of the 2010 WEG in Lexington, KY. read more

Horse Blocker Tie Ring Fills A Gap

Few situations put us in as much danger as trying to untie a panicking horse. Double the trouble if you’re trying to release one inside a trailer. When a horse panics and collides with the end of a tied rope, the result can be injury to the horse and any human trying to help him. No horse should ever be tied with a device that does not release. It can be the tie itself, the snap that holds him, a quick-release knot or even a breakaway halter of some type. That horse has to be able to escape if necessary.ReleasesQuick--release snaps work well, but they take some pressure read more

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