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EPM Is Rare, But Tricky

Equine protozoal myelitis, or EPM as it is commonly referred to, has frustrated and challenged horse owners, veterinarians and researchers for years. it's only been in the last 20 years or so that the agent causing this disease, the primary host and the life cycle have been identified. About 14 new cases of EPM per 10,000 horses show up each year. read more

A Quiet Barn: Better Than a Tranqulizer

Blog about the calming power of horses. read more

FDA Issues Warning About Several Gastric Ulcer Products

This post comments on a recent FDA warning issued to horse owners regarding several products marketed for management of equine gastric ulcers. read more

Ligament Injuries

Dr. Grant Miller discusses avoiding ligament injuries and what to do if your horse suffers one. read more

Dealing With Diarrhea

Handling diarrhea in horses, equine. Products to try yourself, when to call the vet. Straightforward and informative. read more

What Is The Future of Boarding?

The ability of a horse farm owner to store hay and bedding may make a huge difference in maintaining a profitable horse boarding business. read more

Even a Great Equestrian Facility Needs Local Amenities

A discussion about the impact of the new Tryon Equestrian Center and the need for nearby hotels and resturants. read more

Straightness is Always a Goal

A discussion by an S-level dressage judge about what straightness means to your horse and you're riding. It is not a rigid horse. read more

Horses and Planes

An article about the dangers of aircraft and horses. read more

The Bungling FEI’s Next Election Will Affect Our Horse Sports’ Future

An in-depth discussion about why decisions made by the FEI will make a difference in every level of horse sports - and what we need to do about it. read more

Bridle Comfort Starts At The Crown

A discussion about how to fit a bridle, select a quality bridle, features to look for and the ones to avoid. read more

A Lesson in Shortening Your Reins

Thoughts about how we shorten our reins and how the horse might react to our technique. read more

Media Critique: The Controls of the Horse: A Modern Approach to the Classical Rein and Leg Aids

Show jumping legend Bernie Traurig will reopen your eyes when it comes to applying the aids to your horse. Review of his DVD. read more

Footing—Don’t Lose Your Financial Grip

How to have good footing for your riding arena without breaking the bank. read more

VS Continues in Texas and Colorado

Sharing news story link and reminder to how to keep your horse safe from three diseases believed to increase in 2014. read more

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