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Dressage World Record Ride Video

December 17, 2014, Charlotte Dujardin and Valergo - jaw-dropping perfection, breaking yet another dressage score record. read more

Quiet Hands

The usual formula for riding is: Aid + Timing + Intensity. All three factors interact, so you give the right aid at the right time with the right volume. You may apply the correct aid with the right pressure, but if you do so a little early or late, the horse won't respond the way you intend. read more

Media Critique: Dressage With Mind, Body and Soul

Whether you're a fan or not (and most people have strong opinions about it), the popularity of the Tellington-Jones TTouch method has grown significantly since its start more than 40 years ago. In this book, Tellington-Jones focuses on dressage, although any discipline could benefit from it. read more

Straightness is Always a Goal

A discussion by an S-level dressage judge about what straightness means to your horse and you're riding. It is not a rigid horse. read more

A Lesson in Shortening Your Reins

Thoughts about how we shorten our reins and how the horse might react to our technique. read more

Where's Your Outside Rein?

The horse uses his head and neck somewhat separately from his body to help maintain his balance, almost as a counterweight. When you ask the horse to bend, such as when you go around a corner, you use your hips, shoulders, inside leg and a slight inside rein. The outside rein and leg are equally important, as they keep the horse aligned nose-to-tail. read more

Beautiful Tribute

Link to an article by dressage rider/writer and actress Pam Stone. Beautifully written. read more

Grand Prix Dressage Training

One solution we are trying is to substitute long-shank spurs for my regular short spurs. The idea isn’t to use stronger leg aids but rather much lighter leg aids, usually with my calf but with a light touch of the spur if necessary. It isn’t really a kick but rather a curved movement, sort of like the Nike swoosh. read more

Meditation For Two

Meditation For Two was written by Dominique Barbier and Keron Psillas. I picked it up from my desk one night I couldn’t sleep. Barbier is French, so the early pages began with a sentence written in French on the right-hand page, with the English translation on the left. Since it was 2 a.m. and I was bored, I tested my French translation. Did OK, surprisingly. read more

Fashion at the Tack Shop

Tack shops are turning to fashion items to compete with catalogs and online. read more

Helmet Saves Another Top Rider

Silva Martin’s serious head injury last week brings to mind again all the horrors that friends and admirers of U.S. Olympic dressage rider Courtney King Dye experienced four years ago. It appears now that Silva will recover completely. And Courtney broadcast the wonderful news last month that she had given birth to her first child, despite the many physical challenges she still faces. read more

Solving The Puzzle of Horses Who Pull

Article discusses horses who are strong on the bit, pull, bolt and take off when riding. Includes solutions and suggestions. read more

To Compete Successfully Today, You Have To Make Time To Train

All of today’s equestrian disciplines offer more competitions than ever before. But until about 25 years ago, all horse sports (even flat racing) had off seasons in the winter, during which riders and trainers actually stayed at home and trained. read more

Chain Links

  We all have our favorite tools -- a treasured brush or hoof pick or manure fork or wheelbarrow that just seems to fit our hands better than the other stuff in the barn.? We?ll walk out of the way to get the tool we want rather than grab the one that's closest. I have a thing about stud chains, which I've never seen anyone else obsess over.? It drives the other folks in the barn a little bit nuts, because I am always losing the thing and asking if anyone has seen it (or used it').? I've never really liked lead ropes with a chain attached on the end, even though I recognize read more

Wellie World North'

Although the dressage center of the country shifts to West Palm Beach in the winter (not to mention the hunter/jumpers), my husband Henry and I never considered Florida when we were planning our ?retirement move a couple years ago.? I was raised in Oregon, and I just don't do heat well.? Actually, I was pretty determined to stay north of the Mason-Dixon Line, until Henry pointed out the excellent weather in the Tryon NC area, coupled with its reputation as horse-friendly.? We visited twice to see for ourselves, including in the heat of August, and made the move last year. Now, read more

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