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Even a Great Equestrian Facility Needs Local Amenities

A discussion about the impact of the new Tryon Equestrian Center and the need for nearby hotels and resturants. read more

Wellie World North'

Although the dressage center of the country shifts to West Palm Beach in the winter (not to mention the hunter/jumpers), my husband Henry and I never considered Florida when we were planning our ?retirement move a couple years ago.? I was raised in Oregon, and I just don't do heat well.? Actually, I was pretty determined to stay north of the Mason-Dixon Line, until Henry pointed out the excellent weather in the Tryon NC area, coupled with its reputation as horse-friendly.? We visited twice to see for ourselves, including in the heat of August, and made the move last year. Now, read more

Toy Horse is Town Symbol

Living now just outside a town of 1,600 is vastly different from living just outside a megalopolis of 8+ million, where we were just 6 months ago.? Well, that's an understatement if there ever was one.? One of the joys of living here in Tryon NC is that it has a cool town symbol, and it's a horse ? well, a toy horse, but a horse nonetheless. So, a couple weeks ago, we saw a new friend of ours sitting on the curb in town stripping green leaves from a branch that had red berries on it.? Turned out that she was helping prepare the fresh decorations that were going into the read more

Mighty Minis

it's about 30 years too late but I may have finally discovered what might have interested my daughter in horses.? She never caught the bug from me. I sometimes despaired over the historical perspective that many of my friends were offering her their outgrown ponies, while when I was a kid I desperately hoped to even get to touch a pony.? At other times I said, ?Fine, more for me.? Lacrosse is good, too.?? Helen would come to shows with me toting her collection of My Little Ponies, and the other kids there would join her at the picnic table, brushing their shiny manes and tales.? When I came read more

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