It's Time to Re-Think Early Weaning of Horses

For the most part, the symbiotic relationship between the domestic horse and humankind works out well. The horse gets immunization from fatal diseases, readily available food and protection from predators . . . but one change that receives little discussion is weaning. read more

Do You Plan To Breed Your Mare'

It sounds perfect: You own a mare?especially a mare whom you?ve enjoyed in competition or in years of trail riding?and you think you should breed her before she becomes too old. ?Wouldn?t it be neat to have another horse just like her'? you dream. But it's nowhere near that simple. Breeding your mare is going to cost you real money, possibly a ton of money?and perhaps much more emotionally?just to get a live foal who can stand properly. And breeding isn?t cloning?while the foal may be similar to your mare, he or she won?t be an exact copy. Breeding your mare and producing read more

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