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Did You Know? Bananas Are For Horses

When horses are given a choice, they like funugreek and banana flavors best. Bananas are easy to feed just add sliced pieces to the feed, peel and all, if you'd like. read more

Commercial Feeds For The IR Horse

A horse, like a person, can have a metabolic rate and genetic tendency toward obesity. Combine this with a lack of exercise, too many treats, overfeeding, even stress, and the easy keeper is at risk for hormone imbalances, the most critical of which is insulin resistance or IR. And insulin resistance helps set the stage for laminitis (founder). Take heart, though, there are practical solutions. read more

Dressage World Record Ride Video

December 17, 2014, Charlotte Dujardin and Valergo - jaw-dropping perfection, breaking yet another dressage score record. read more

Gastrotec Recall

Information on the recall of the ulcer remedy marketed as Gastrotec. read more

Breaking News: Merial Purchases Legend and Marquis from Bayer

Merial purchases the horse products Legend and Marquis from Bayer. The addition is a boost to an already strong equine portfolio of products. read more

EPM Is Rare, But Tricky

Equine protozoal myelitis, or EPM as it is commonly referred to, has frustrated and challenged horse owners, veterinarians and researchers for years. it's only been in the last 20 years or so that the agent causing this disease, the primary host and the life cycle have been identified. About 14 new cases of EPM per 10,000 horses show up each year. read more

GumBits For Grinding

When people hear a horse grind its teeth, the immediate assumption is that the behavior is caused somehow by the rider. This generally isn't the case, at least not directly. read more

National Day of the Horse - December 13

Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center recognizes the 10th anniversary of the National Day of the Horse, December 13, designated “in recognition of the importance of horses to the security, economy, recreation, and heritage of the United States.” read more

Mounting Blocks

Mounting blocks are not an easy way for you to mount. They're an easier, safer way for your horse to experience you climbing into the saddle. read more

PAST Act Halted

According to a press release from the Humane Association, legislation to stop “soring”– one of the most broadly supported bills in Congress with 60 Senate cosponsors and 308 House cosponsors – has been blocked by at least one Republican Senator. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: She Won't Jump Oxers

My horse willingly jumps verticals, but doesn't like to jump oxers and usually refuses them. When she does jump oxers, she jumps over them as if they're filled with alligators. What do you think is wrong and what should I do ?Performance Editor John Strassburger responds: The first thing I'd do, especially if the horse shows other spooky behaviors, is to have your veterinarian examine her eyes. I read more

Bathing Your Horse in Winter

It's a lot of work to give your horse a full bath when the temperature drops. Here's how to do it correctly and the products we recommend you use. read more

The New Virginia Equine Alliance

The Virginia Gold Cup Association has joined with the Virginia Thoroughbred Association, the Virginia Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, and the Virginia Harness Horse Association to form the Virginia Equine Alliance, Inc. The Alliance includes all Virginia horsemen and its goal is to grow Virginia’s racing industry by creating a program that will benefit Virginia horsemen and the read more

USDF Offers Ride Alert

USDF Offers Ride Alert - The emergency device is part of their member perks. read more

Quiet Hands

The usual formula for riding is: Aid + Timing + Intensity. All three factors interact, so you give the right aid at the right time with the right volume. You may apply the correct aid with the right pressure, but if you do so a little early or late, the horse won't respond the way you intend. read more

UC Davis Offers EPM Assistance

To assist veterinarians in diagnosing EPM, the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California, Davis has created several resources that will help trained equine veterinarians determine if their patients may be suffering from the debilitating neurologic disease. read more

Great Meadows to Offer CIC3*

Great Meadows to Offer CIC3* The Virginia even is planned for June 2015. read more

Safety Thought: Holding A Horse

Protect yourself and others: Know which side of the horse to be on when working with another person. read more

"Steroids" for Pain

The pluses and minuses of using corticosteroids for your arthritic horse. The drug to turn to when all nothing seems to quiet your horse's arthritic pain. read more

The Ideal Equine Winter Wardrobe

It's not as simple as a turnout blanket. Your horse's needs vary with the temperature. read more

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