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Saddles For Women

Another skirmish site has formed in the ages-old battle of the sexes, this time in the field of saddle design. Some women are asking themselves whether saddles designed mostly by men for equestrian disciplines developed historically by men are working with them or against them. read more

The Common Cough Is Far From Simple

Sometimes, they just cough once at the beginning of a ride and that’s it. That’s OK, too. Other times, though, the cough persists, and that’s more serious. If the cough persists throughout the course of exercise, or worse, if it consistently occurs at rest, the situation warrants veterinary investigation, rest and therapy. read more

The Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book

Dr. Harman's book on saddle fit will turn you into a saddle fit junkie in no time. It is the Bible for saddle fit. read more

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