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Biosecurity In the Barn

We've all seen the pictures online . . . the ones with horses and a frantic begging for a home. And, the moment you see those eyes, well, you want to help save the horse. But you may get more than you bargained for, if he's carrying a disease. read more

Dots of Inexpensive Bling

Koper’s Dots make it really easy to add some “bling” to your tack - or virtually any piece of leather. And they’re pretty inexpensive, too, starting at $4 a pair. read more

Bit-Metal Choices

The array of bit types and shapes displayed in catalogs and hanging on tack room walls is daunting enough to consider, and when you add in the factor of what the bits are made of it's hard to figure out where to start when selecting a bit. read more

Fly Sheets 2014 – Lots of Improvement

In this trial, we noticed the horse fly sheets really trended toward extreme protection. Many we tested included neck covers, belly coverage and very fine mesh to protect the horse from smaller insects and UV rays. And the equine Bucas Zebra print sheet has some validity to the “stripes confuse flies” research from a few years ago. read more

Stolen Saddle Protection: Saddle Network

Braly launched the Saddle Network in September 2012. It now has more than 1,000 horse owner members, all across the country. Its members are hunter/jumpers, eventers, dressage riders, endurance riders, Western riders, trail riders and more. read more

Rain Rot Treatments for Horses

The lesions begin as multiple small bumps/scabs, which can spread and grow together to form large patches if not detected and treated early. The scabs are tightly adherent to the skin and painful to remove. They come off with the hair and leave open sores. Once the scabs are off and medications can get to the skin level itself, healing is usually rapid. read more

Adequan vs. Legend vs. Pentosan

Although the risk of your horse having a bad reaction or an infection from an injection is relatively low, it can happen. In addition, about a third of horses jump or twitch when poked with a needle. All this makes feeding your horse a supplement preferable. And maybe it is for you. But injections might save you money. read more

Tick Defensive Tactics

Ticks seem to be everywhere. Simply riding through a wooded area can result in many ticks, especially if you have to duck a branch or two to get where you’re going. Even horses pastured in cleared fields adjacent to wooded areas often get infested. read more

Scratches Treatment And Prevention

If your horse is prone to scratches, use preventive measures in wet and mud. For new cases, we know what products are truly effective. read more

Shedding Season Tools

Everyone is familiar with the flexible metal shedding tool. It can be used with one hand or two and, using long gentle strokes, it does an OK job pulling out loose winter hair. it's inexpensive, too, at about $6 or less. However, it doesn't pull out a lot of hair with each stroke. So, we usually reach instead for our traditional oval rubber curry (about $3). read more

We Recommend These Massage Products

Last month we described how to give your horse a relaxing massage with curry combs and how to supple his muscles with movement, something everyone should do for their horse. Now, we'll tell you about three more expensive devices designed to give your horse a more rigorous massage. read more

Thrush: Trouble in the Grooves of the Hooves

Information on what products to use to treat thrush and ways to prevent it. read more

Barn Surveillance: Know What’s Out There

Experts report that a burglary occurs once every 13 seconds. Horse farms are not immune from criminal behavior. An estimated 40,000 horses are stolen, in addition to millions of dollars of farm equipment and tack. read more

Devil's Claw Tackles Pain

Natural isn't enough of a reason to justify using something in place of a drug. However, when alternatives are available that perform just as well and without the risk of side effects, the choice is obvious. Inflammation relief is one of those situations. NSAIDs. NSAIDs, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are the class of pain and inflammation relievers usually used for horses. read more

Safely Save Money on Horse Drugs

Mixing two injectable horse drugs is compounding. Creating an oral liquid for your horse from crushed tablets is compounding. Even adding apple flavoring to a commercially available drug is compounding. Usually, this is done to meet the needs of a particular patient, such as making a specific concentration to meet an individual horse's needs. read more

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