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Moldy Leather

How to prohibit mold in your tack and saddles and how to get rid of mold in your tack and saddles. read more

Ecovet Fly Spray is Strong

A review and comparison of the new horse fly spray from Ecovet. read more

Horse Blocker Tie Ring Fills A Gap

Few situations put us in as much danger as trying to untie a panicking horse. Double the trouble if you’re trying to release one inside a trailer. When a horse panics and collides with the end of a tied rope, the result can be injury to the horse and any human trying to help him. No horse should ever be tied with a device that does not release. It can be the tie itself, the snap that holds him, a quick-release knot or even a breakaway halter of some type. That horse has to be able to escape if necessary.ReleasesQuick--release snaps work well, but they take some pressure read more

AVMA Serious About Compounded Drugs

American Veterinary Medical Association's task force on compounding pharmacies is serious about getting things under control. read more

Joint Products: Some Pricey Ingredients Are Worth Your Money

Sometimes horses with advanced joint issues or high athletic demands need more help than glucosamine and/or chondroitin can give. That’s when you need the “double-barrel shotguns” of the supplement world: hyaluronic acid (HA) and MSM (methysufonylmethane). Of course, there are a host of other ingredients out there. Some are worth your money, but many aren’t. read more

The Search for an Affordable, Trustable Joint Product

Article discusses entry-level (least expensive) reliable, good joint products. Makes specific recommendations. Offers charts to help consumer make the right choice in product purchases. read more

Stall-Fan Safety

Just look at the back of an ordinary fan, and you’ll likely see the glint of the copper wires in the motor. That tells you the motor isn’t sealed. That means it's not suitable for your barn. read more

Fly Armor Stands Up to the Heat

Our results during cooler temperatures were negligible, as expected, but when it was hot and humid the effect was clearly visible. We saw a noticeable decrease in face flies, mosquitoes and gnats, although the effect didn’t seem to cover the entire horse as well. The biggest decrease in pest activity was clearly around the face, ears and eyes with the nosebands and browband. read more

Ulcers in Horses

Estimates of ulcer prevalence are 25 to 50% in foals and 60 to 90% in adult horses depending on age and performance level! Broodmares, racehorses, and horses in intense competitive training show the highest ulcer prevalence among adults. Basically, if you walk a horse up to a veterinarian and ask if it has ulcers, the veterinarian would be betting with the house if he or she responds, “Yes.” read more

Fly Mask Choices

If your horse will wear his fly mask in a playful herd you will need solid heavy-duty construction and good fit. This is a double-edged sword as heavier materials can cause rubs if not applied and fitted properly. Turnout horses get dirty and stay dirty longer. Fleece will hold dirt and moisture against the skin which could lead to issues. read more

Supplementing Magnesium

Forages grown in areas of acidic or clay soils are typically low in magnesium. Compound this with low bioavailability, and your equine friend may be getting just enough to prevent a deficiency but may not have quite enough to maintain normal hormonal and nervous system functioning. read more

Hoof Dressing

All theses are fine reasons to use a hoof dressing, but you should choose a product guided by what you’re trying to achieve. If it’s shine, that’s one thing, but if you want to help restore hoof integrity, it’s a good idea to choose one with some antiseptic ability. read more

For FREE! FEI's Information on "Equestrian Surfaces."

Links to the FEI's downloadable white pages. read more

Pitch Fork Decisions

There are those who just will not give up their basket-shaped fork heads. And we do understand. But we found the NewWave fork’s slight dip in the tines worked very well, unless you were really trying to grab three piles of manure from arena footing or something like that. Otherwise, in normal stall cleaning, it’s terrific read more

Getting Hooked - Velcro Cleaners

Hook-and-loop material (aka Velcro) is everywhere. Most of the time we don't bother to clean it because, even with tail hairs and hay stuck to the little plastic hooks, it still works pretty well. Eventually, though, you've got to take action. read more

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