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We Find Faster Recovery Times

Those of us who have lived through a horse's soft-tissue injury and healing know it's no picnic, months of stall rest with sometimes hairy hand-walking and multiple ultrasound appointments, which you hope will show some sign of healing. it's awful! read more

Laser Therapy Relieves Muscle Soreness

Almost all horse people, no matter what riding discipline they choose, universally agree that training and showing can at times push horses to their physical limits. Naturally, with increased physical demands in athletic endeavors, comes increased strain on the body and the potential for injury. To combat this, horse enthusiasts continually seek new ways to help their horses. read more

Give Your Horse A Hott Wash

In the warmer months, we pay little attention to whether there's hot water available or not. Most horses appreciate a cool-water bath after a sweaty work, and the sun will do the job of warming water enough for cleaning tack and brushes. But when the temperatures fall or hot water is a veterinary necessity, barns without a water heater can become a royal pain. read more

We Find "Cool" Riding Shirts

A review and critique of riding shirts for women that are especially good for wearing in hot weather. read more

Hoof Crack: Fill `er Up

A healthy, well-fed horse's hoof isn't likely to develop cracks or chips, unless there's an underlying reason. read more

Media Critique: Suffering In Silence

Book Review/Media Critique: Suffering In Silence. This book by Jochen Schleese has a lot to offer. read more

The Cribbing Controversy

Call it what you want - cribbing, crib-biting or wind-sucking -we all know it when we see it or hear it. The horse latches onto a horizontal surface with his front teeth, arches his neck, and makes a grunting sound while pulling back. Afflicting an estimated 5 to 10% of horses, you're bound to see one sooner or later. read more

Soft Saddle G2 Has Its Place in the Tack Room

A review of the Cashel Company's inexpensive Soft Saddle G2. read more

This Feeder Gets It Right

The Natural Feeder offers a smart design to minimize hay waste. Its sizing is just about perfect for two to three horses. read more

Look For Online Pharmacy Accreditation

We have expressed caution over the years to our readers about using Internet pharmacies. Many aren't reliable or safe, selling inferior drugs, contaminated products or incorrect compounded drugs. read more

Genesis System Nice Fit for Aachen Saddle

A review of the M. Toulouse Aachen dressage saddle with the Genesis Adjustable Tree system. read more

Media Critique: Zen Mind, Zen Horse

This book allows you to become quietly, confidently enlightened about your mind and your horse's mind, a concept we find appealing. read more

When Your Horse Turns Out to Be a Lemon

A discussion about trying to protect yourself from "dirty" horse sellers, with suggestions on how to proceed if you do end up with the "wrong" horse. read more

Your Sweating Horse

Discussion about when sweating is a worrisome sign in your horse and how to supplement electrolytes and salt. read more

The Glass Horse

This commentary reviews The Glass Horse 3-D animation programs that teach horse enthusiasts about equine anatomy, lameness and colic. read more

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