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It’s Time To End The World Equestrian Games

A thought-provoking commentary on why the World Equestrian Games simply don't work. read more

The Basics of Nerve Blocks

Many horse owners become confused when their veterinarian uses nerve blocks in their horses to localize lameness. This post reviews the basics of what the vet is doing when he or she places a nerve block. read more

Urgent Care: Leg Swelling

Swelling on your horse’s leg may be as simple as lower leg edema from standing in his stall to a bowed tendon to a serious infection. Look at the conditions surrounding this swelling to decide if it’s a veterinary emergency and to get an idea of the prognosis. An acute swelling that’s warm and tender to the touch suggests a recent injury or a developing infection. With infection, the area may feel hot. Check your horse’s temperature. A fever suggests infection. If so, look carefully for a small puncture wound site or any area with drainage.  An read more

A Lesson in Shortening Your Reins

Thoughts about how we shorten our reins and how the horse might react to our technique. read more

Equine Vandalism - Cutting Off Manes and Tails

Second incident makes blogger wonder why people are cutting off the manes and tails of horses. read more

Video from Burghley

Videos from Burghley Horse Trials (England). Video. read more

Footing—Don’t Lose Your Financial Grip

How to have good footing for your riding arena without breaking the bank. read more

New Therapies to Help Your Horse

A summary of two new physical therapy and rehabilitation modalities to hit the equine market: Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and Novobrace. read more

New Experiences: De-Spooking Clinic

A review of a despooking clinic by Bill Richey,mounted police horse trainer. read more

The Only Way To Get Better Is To Ride More

A discussion by a trainer about the difficulties faced by many middle-aged riders - who juggle riding, demanding jobs, families - and can't seem to improve in the saddle due to the time constraints. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: What Products Will Promote Healthy Healing?

Dr. Grant Miller gives advice on how to ensure that a wound on your horse heals as well as possible and recommends products that help you get the job done. read more

The Right Stallion for Your Mare

A frank, honest article about how to select the right stallion for your mare and your needs. read more

Looking a Horse in the Mouth

Have you ever wondered what the veterinarian is looking at in your horse's mouth in order to arrive at an estimated age? This post will give you some tips to get you started on learning how to age horses like your vet does. read more

Here’s How To Choose The Right Body Protector For You

An article by an experienced trainer and journalist about what you need to know in order to purchase an equestrian safety vest, including product descriptions and recommendations for horseback riding and equine competitions. read more

Automatic Feeders Offer Convenience

From the facility with large numbers of horses to feed to the single horse laid up and in need of frequent, regularly-timed feedings or the horse owner with a hectic, unpredictable life schedule, automatic horse feeders can make caring for a horse easier. Furthermore, automatic horse feeders may be beneficial to a horse’s health. read more

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