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A Home for Every Horse Equine Comeback Challenge Finale is October 14

The Equine Comeback Challenge finale is October 14 in Harrisburg, PA read more

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) is an FDA-approved therapy option that has been used for hundreds of years in humans to treat a variety of ailments. Now, it is tip-toeing into the equine world and is showing promise in helping manage aches and pains. read more

Stop Blanket Zap

Blanket zap from static electricity is a minor annoyance to some horses and a source of horror to others. This is a very individual reaction. The same blanket will be fine on one horse, while another may be zapped from it so badly that he’ll suddenly fly backward, becoming a serious danger to himself and anyone around him. read more

Horse Journal September 2014

A PDF of all the articles uploaded to Horse Journal during the month of September 2014. read more

Straightness is Always a Goal

A discussion by an S-level dressage judge about what straightness means to your horse and you're riding. It is not a rigid horse. read more

Hitting the Road With Your Horse: Finding the Right Horse Trailer

An informative guide to help you select a horse trailer that suits your horse, your geographical location and your needs. read more

Horses and Planes

An article about the dangers of aircraft and horses. read more

The Bungling FEI’s Next Election Will Affect Our Horse Sports’ Future

An in-depth discussion about why decisions made by the FEI will make a difference in every level of horse sports - and what we need to do about it. read more

Microchipping- What's the Issue?

Many horse owners grapple with the decision to implant microchips in their horses. But, what are the issues behind the hesitation? This post touches on some of the pros and cons of chipping. read more

Equine Eye First Aid

How to evaluate an eye injury in a horse and what to products you can use in the horse's eye. When to call in the veterinarian. read more

Pigeon Fever- Making its Rounds

Previously characterized as a late summer, early fall disease among horses in the western and southwestern US, Pigeon Fever was scarcely known to most. But now, it appears to be spreading to new parts of the country. read more

Heated Water Hose

We've always said don't mix horses, electric and water, which is why we pass on electric buckets and water-trough heaters. These devices involve the horse, and no matter how safe or untouchable the electric portion may be, we worry that a persistent horse may get to it. read more

Bridle Comfort Starts At The Crown

A discussion about how to fit a bridle, select a quality bridle, features to look for and the ones to avoid. read more

Safety Thought: Go Cotton For Your Longe Line

Cotton is a better bet for your longe line. read more

Horses in Fiction

A discussion about good fiction books that contain horses. read more

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