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Ligament Injuries

Dr. Grant Miller discusses avoiding ligament injuries and what to do if your horse suffers one. read more

Not Enough Vets in Your Area?

The post reviews current legislation to help remedy veterinarian geographic distribution imbalances in the United States. The legislation is called the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Enhancement Act of 2013. read more

The Elusive Mind of a Horse

Professional trainer John Strassburger discusses understanding how a horse's mind works and evaluating a horse's "mental fitness." read more

Horse Blanket Repairs: A Sticky Situation

An article about how to repair horse blankets yourself, including products that will help you and when you need to send the horse blanket out for repair. read more

FDA Warning Letters for Three Ulcer Products

FDA warns three companies that FDA regulations consider the equine ulcer remedies they are marketing to be drugs. In order to continue marketing these products as they are, the companies must comply with FDA regulations. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Severe Scratches Won't Heal

Horse Journal contributing veterinarian Dr. Grant Miller discusses equine pastern dermatitis, aka scratches, grease heel, and how to treat it successfully on your horse. read more

End Barn Odors

A discussion about good products for deodorizing horse stalls. read more

Bipartite Navicular Bones

This post reviews bipartite navicular bones, a congenital defect in horses that results in ongoing and difficult to manage lameness in one, two, three or all limbs. Few management strategies exist and little is known about the cause of the developmental abnormality. While rare in horses, the problem can be significant for those affected. read more

Bartlett Milling Company Issues Recall of Horse Food

Bartlett Milling Company Issues Recall of Horse Food, Information obtained from the FDA. read more

Giving to Horse Rescue Organizations

Advice on helping horse rescues in your area. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Slipping In Stirrups

Dressage expert Margaret Freeman answers a reader's question about her foot slipping in her stirrups. read more

Safety Thought: No Loose Horses

You want to leave the doors open on a center-aisle barn as much as possible to allow air circulation, but the door should always have some sort of barrier, particularly if there's no stable yard with a gate. read more

Equine Night Check Could Revolutionize Horse Care

A discussion about a device that could alert horse owners to equine illnesses, like colic. read more

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

Discussion from a professional horse trainer about why it's so difficult to find the right horse for the right equestrian. read more

Equine Allergy Testing

Many horse owners face ongoing issues with their horses' allergies. Long term treatments can be costly and present potential side-effects that can be harmful to the horse's health. But serum allergen testing and endogenous serum hyposensitization can provide a viable alternative and effectively manage allergies. read more

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