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Our “Talk” With Boogie

A professional horse trainer and award-winning journalist discusses using an animal communicator to get to the bottom of problems associated with a very talented horse. read more

Happy Thanksgiving

Commentary and reflection on owning horses in this age, with Thanksgiving thoughts. read more

FDA Issues Warning About Several Gastric Ulcer Products

This post comments on a recent FDA warning issued to horse owners regarding several products marketed for management of equine gastric ulcers. read more

Warning! Colic Ahead!

A discussion on the warning signs that your horse has colic by Dr. Deb M. Eldredge. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Winter Neck Covers

Every winter my horse loses half his mane due to neck covers that rub it off. I've checked out anti-rub covers for underneath, but all of them have a face cover that would get wet in all the rain we have here or it's just a shoulder cover that doesn't cover the mane. Any suggestions? read more

Media Critique: The Alchemy of Lightness

A book review about the dressage book "The Alchemy of Lightness" and why its emphasis on joy can make a big difference to you and your horse. read more

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

A discussion comparing winter horse care in the East and the West. read more

Safety Thought: Pay Attention To Blanket Straps

Leg straps on blankets tend to get too long without us realizing it. Elastic stretches and buckles slip over time. Straps should be checked frequently to make sure they aren?t too long and a horse could catch up a leg. Even if you remove your horse's blanket daily to check his skin and for rubs, pay extra attention to the straps, as they're easy to overlook. read more

Products That Help You Stick to Your Tack

Discussion about saddle stick products, how to use them, what to look for and what to avoid. read more

Tips to Make Your Horse Drink

Cold weather slows our horses drinking habits which can cause problems such as dehydration and even impaction colic. This post gives useful tips on increasing your horse's water intake. read more

Solar Water Trough

A description of a field trial using a solar water trough during the winter for horses. read more

Attaching The Longe Line

How to properly attach a longe line to your horse to ensure safety and control. read more

FDA Warnings On Ulcer Drugs

Debra M. Eldredge, DVM, explains why the FDA issued warnings to the companies marketing omeprazole to horses without FDA approval. read more

Benefits of Barn Work

Benefits of working around the barn and its results in physical fitness. read more

Drying Blankets

A field trial using a blanket dryer for horse blankets in a horse barn. read more

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