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"It Ate Tony."

Sharing SmartPak's video series, "If Horses Were People." read more

Why I Decided To Stop Competing Alba

A discussion about why John Strassburger decided to retire a relatively young three-day event horse from competition. read more

This Feeder Gets It Right

The Natural Feeder offers a smart design to minimize hay waste. Its sizing is just about perfect for two to three horses. read more

PAST Act Needs Your Support

The Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act has gained widespread support in the US Congress. However, it has yet to be made into law. Learn about the PAST Act, soring in Tennessee Walking competition training barns, and what you can do to help this bill become law. read more

It's Time to Re-Think Early Weaning of Horses

For the most part, the symbiotic relationship between the domestic horse and humankind works out well. The horse gets immunization from fatal diseases, readily available food and protection from predators . . . but one change that receives little discussion is weaning. read more

With His Hands, Dougie Hannum Treats The Equine Athlete

Hannum has been a therapist to horses at the highest levels and to horses just starting out for almost four decades, at seven Olympic Games and at competitions from New Jersey to California. "It’s hard to really say what I do. But what we try to do is to give the horse the best opportunity to give the best performance. We try to set a horse up for his maximum performance,” said Dougie Hannum. read more

Organization Leaders Need To Embrace Members’ Use of Social Media

Discussion about the rights of free speech, the USEF and social media in the equestrian world. Revolves around the USEF Hearing Committee fining a judge for "liking" another judge's Facebook posting. read more

Beautiful Video to Watch

We enjoyed this pretty little song and the accompanying equine video. Nicely done. read more

Avoid Heat Stress in Your Horse

This article focuses on the stages and signs associated with heat illness and stress in horses. Tips on how to treat the problem and avoid it completely are covered. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Why Does My Horse Canter Disunited?

A discussion from a professional trainer about why a horse may not be cantering well. read more

All Creatures Great and Small

A book review of the re-release of the classic "All Creatures Great and Small" read more

When Your Horse Turns Out to Be a Lemon

A discussion about trying to protect yourself from "dirty" horse sellers, with suggestions on how to proceed if you do end up with the "wrong" horse. read more

Taking A Pony Out In Public Shows How Much Outreach We Need

Bringing a pony to participate in a parade where all the rest of the kids are riding bikes. read more

Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act - One Step Left

The Senate passed the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act bill in January. The House passed it this week. read more

Resources for Horse Owners

An overview of a few national programs in place to assist horse owners with financial issues. read more

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