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Hock Pain Is Prevalent in Horses

Veterinarians can often predict where a horse might be sore, based just on the horse's athletic endeavors.? Jumping, for instance, is hard on the coffin joints.? Roping and driving can be tough on the withers and shoulders. But tHere's one ailment that seems to be prevalent in just about every equine endeavor: hock pain. That makes hock problems a subject that we all should understand, especially read more

Good-bye, Blanco.

The beautiful Andalusion in Lord of the Rings was euthanized in early April due to an undetermined illness. read more

Stumbling: The Trip You Don’t Want to Take With Your Horse

We’re going to investigate those missteps, and we’ll call it “stumbling” if it happens to either such a degree or with enough frequency to set off alarms. The problem should not to be ignored; some of our best riders have suffered permanent disability and even death from a seemingly innocent bobble. read more

Stolen Saddle Protection: Saddle Network

Braly launched the Saddle Network in September 2012. It now has more than 1,000 horse owner members, all across the country. Its members are hunter/jumpers, eventers, dressage riders, endurance riders, Western riders, trail riders and more. read more

Connecticut Supreme Court Rules in “Vicious” Horse Case

The Court summarized its ruling by stating, “We conclude that, as a matter of law, the owner or keeper of a domestic animal has a duty to take reasonable steps to prevent the animal from causing injuries that are foreseeable because the animal belongs to a class of animals that is naturally inclined to cause such injuries, regardless of whether the animal had previously caused an injury .... read more

Equine Insurance: It’s All About Protection

Many people call mortality coverage equine “life insurance.” However, since equine mortality insurance only pays for the value of the horse (either “agreed upon” or “fair market value”) rather than a horse’s anticipated lifetime future earnings, the analogy isn’t accurate. Mortality insurance helps you recover the financial loss from your horse’s death. read more

March 2014 Horse Journal Online

All of our content for March 2014 in two downloadable PDFs. read more

Muddy Walkways and Horses

Lay your carpet at your gates or along horse muddy paths, any high traffic area you’d like to protect. You might want to start with short pieces initially, gradually adding to the length and width. Your equine solid citizens will take a few tentative steps, but soon stride right out. read more

Adequan for Horses Availability

It was nice to finally receive word that Adequan injectable joint supplement is available again.  They released a statement recently indicating that production is back under... read more

Sponsors For California Trials

Two French saddle makers— CWD and Devoucoux —have signed five-year sponsorship agreements with the Galway Downs International Events in Temecula, Calif., and the Woodside (Calif.)... read more

Looking For The New Issue?

Readers are looking for the March 2014 issue of Horse Journal, but we dropped that limited way of giving you the information you need. Those 16 pages limited us to around 10 stories per month, and now we're uploading something new almost every day. You're going to love Horse Journal Online! read more

Tick Defensive Tactics

Ticks seem to be everywhere. Simply riding through a wooded area can result in many ticks, especially if you have to duck a branch or two to get where you’re going. Even horses pastured in cleared fields adjacent to wooded areas often get infested. read more

Driving with Miniature Horses

The ideal driving horse has a smooth trot that he can maintain for extended periods of time. His movement should be balanced. An easy way to check balance is to look at his hoof prints – the rear hoof should land in the mark left by the front hoof, or even a little ahead. read more

Kia Needs A Home

Kia is a sweetheart. An off-the-track Thoroughbred mare, she raced under the name Pic's Pleasure. She's 16 hands, and the Maryland rescue farm is calling her "bombproof." She's 18 years old, as you might guess by her coat color. She was previously adopted but returned when the adopter's daughter lost interest in riding (how on earth could that happen, you ask!) read more