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October 2014 PDF

A single PDF of all the articles uploaded in October 2014 read more

Justin Goes English

Justin Boots adds an English division. read more

Safety Thought: No Loose Horses

You want to leave the doors open on a center-aisle barn as much as possible to allow air circulation, but the door should always have some sort of barrier, particularly if there's no stable yard with a gate. read more

Equine Night Check Could Revolutionize Horse Care

A discussion about a device that could alert horse owners to equine illnesses, like colic. read more

Helmet Cam Rule

New helmet camera rule from the USEF. read more

Bayer HealthCare and EQUUS Magazine Host Webinar on EPM

Announcement about a free webinar about EPM. read more

Dealing With Diarrhea

Handling diarrhea in horses, equine. Products to try yourself, when to call the vet. Straightforward and informative. read more

Radiographs - Know What They Can and Can't Tell You

Understanding a few basic principles can help you communicate with your horse veterinarian so you can take away more for your money when it comes to your horse's radiographs, of X-Rays. read more

Be Seen On The Trail

A discussion about wearing blaze orange and/or reflective gear when riding and how to find the best choices. read more

Thyroid Dysfunction

Most people are familiar with thyroid malfunctions, most commonly either thyroid cancer or inadequate thyroid gland function, as either hypothyroid (under activity) or hyperthyroid (excess function).But what about your horse? read more

Dogs and Hoof Chews

Dogs like to chew on and consume hoof pieces after the farrier leaves. Is that OK? read more

Help Wanted: Are You Practicing Due Diligence in Hiring Your Farm Employees?

An attorney and horsewoman discusses why it's so important to ensure the person you hire is qualified to do the job and has a clean background check. read more

Safety Thought: Odd Behavior? Think Equipment First

If your horse suddenly goes silly, look for a valid reason before you resort to a correction. There could be an irritation on the saddle pad or girth or something not buckled right. read more

Coco Needs a Good Home

Rescue horse from A Home For Every Horse Program needs a home. read more

Media Critique: Advanced Equine Studies – The Horse’s Respiratory System

A review of Advanced Equine Studies DVD series for horse owners, trainers, riders, and veterinary students. read more

Best Friends Contest from EQUUS

Announcement about EQUUS magazine's horse and dog photo contest. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Nutrition and Healthy Hooves

Response to question about equine hoof growth by Juliet Getty, Ph.D. Dicusses dietary needs. read more

A Home for Every Horse Equine Comeback Challenge Finale is October 14

The Equine Comeback Challenge finale is October 14 in Harrisburg, PA read more

Media Critique: Dressage With Mind, Body and Soul

Whether you're a fan or not (and most people have strong opinions about it), the popularity of the Tellington-Jones TTouch method has grown significantly since its start more than 40 years ago. In this book, Tellington-Jones focuses on dressage, although any discipline could benefit from it. read more

Stop Blanket Zap

Blanket zap from static electricity is a minor annoyance to some horses and a source of horror to others. This is a very individual reaction. The same blanket will be fine on one horse, while another may be zapped from it so badly that he’ll suddenly fly backward, becoming a serious danger to himself and anyone around him. read more

Horse Journal Website Glitch

I apologize for the problem with the yellow subscriber tab.  If you need an article this weekend, please email me directly at and I will work to get a PDF to... read more

Hitting the Road With Your Horse: Finding the Right Horse Trailer

An informative guide to help you select a horse trailer that suits your horse, your geographical location and your needs. read more

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