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Automatic Feeders Offer Convenience

From the facility with large numbers of horses to feed to the single horse laid up and in need of frequent, regularly-timed feedings or the horse owner with a hectic, unpredictable life schedule, automatic horse feeders can make caring for a horse easier. Furthermore, automatic horse feeders may be beneficial to a horse’s health. read more

The Itchy Horse Can Drive You Crazy

A discussion from Grant Miller, DVM, about the symptoms, causes and products that can help you win your fight against itchy skin in your horse. read more

We Find Faster Recovery Times

Those of us who have lived through a horse's soft-tissue injury and healing know it's no picnic, months of stall rest with sometimes hairy hand-walking and multiple ultrasound appointments, which you hope will show some sign of healing. it's awful! read more

Reining: Team USA In the Lead at WEG

Results from the first day of reining competition at the WEG. read more

Laser Therapy Relieves Muscle Soreness

Almost all horse people, no matter what riding discipline they choose, universally agree that training and showing can at times push horses to their physical limits. Naturally, with increased physical demands in athletic endeavors, comes increased strain on the body and the potential for injury. To combat this, horse enthusiasts continually seek new ways to help their horses. read more

Media Critique: Horse Profiling: The Secret To Motivating Equine Athletes

HORSE PROFILING: THE SECRET TO MOTIVATING EQUINE ATHLETES. BY KERRY THOMAS WITH CALVIN L. CARTER. HARDCOVER. 2012. TRAFALGAR SQUARE BOOKS. $29.95. AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW.HORSEBOOKSETC.COM OR 800-952-5813. This book emphasizes the importance of truly understanding the horse?its needs, its nature and its mentality?and how to treat him accordingly in order to maximize his potential as a sport horse. Author Kerry Thomas?s experiences with wild horses, racehorses and English/Western sport horses helped him develop a theory of what sport horses truly need to be physically and mentally healthy in read more

WEG Endurance is Underway

Preview of the WEG Endurance competition in Normandy, France. read more

Thumbs Up to the New Southern States and Kentucky Equine Research Alliance

Southern States and Kentucky Equine Research Alliance read more

Give Your Horse A Hott Wash

In the warmer months, we pay little attention to whether there's hot water available or not. Most horses appreciate a cool-water bath after a sweaty work, and the sun will do the job of warming water enough for cleaning tack and brushes. But when the temperatures fall or hot water is a veterinary necessity, barns without a water heater can become a royal pain. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: What If The New Horse Is Different Once You Get Him Home?

An attorney responds to a question from an article about horses that are "lemons." read more

HRH Princess Haya Resigns as FEI President

HRH Princess Haya Resigns as FEI President and why she made that decision. read more

We Find "Cool" Riding Shirts

A review and critique of riding shirts for women that are especially good for wearing in hot weather. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Leptospirosis In Horses

Veterinarian answers questions about Leptospirosis in horses. read more

Undefeated Road to the Horse Champion Chris Cox Returns for 2015

Notes about the upcoming Road to the Horse competition in 2015. read more

First Icelandic Pony Named to AERC’s Hall of Fame

Article about Remington, the first Icelandic Pony named to the AERC's Hall of Fame. read more

Beezie Madden Makes History

Link to story about Beezie Madden. read more

Keep Your Horse Sound

An abundance of therapy options are emerging for horse owners to consider for keeping their performance horses sound. read more

Racehorse Trainers Urge Race-Day Ban on Meds

Link to story about a possible ban of medications on race day for Thoroughbred racing. read more

Hoof Crack: Fill `er Up

A healthy, well-fed horse's hoof isn't likely to develop cracks or chips, unless there's an underlying reason. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Can I Minimize the Chance of a Scar?

Information from a veterinarian about how to minimize the chance of a scar on your horse after an injury. read more

Show Horses Return to New York City

News about the September 2014 horse show planned in Central Park in New York City. read more

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