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July 2014 PDF

All the articles uploaded to the website in July 2014. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: What Do You Recommend for White Line Disease?

Discussion of preventative tactics for fighting white line disease in horses. read more

Long-Distance Hauling Experiences

Long-Distance Horse Hauling Experiences Would you share your stories with us? read more

The All-Important Bed Check

Contributing Writer Beth Benard discusses the importance of checking the horses one last time before going to bed for the night. read more

The Cribbing Controversy

Call it what you want - cribbing, crib-biting or wind-sucking -we all know it when we see it or hear it. The horse latches onto a horizontal surface with his front teeth, arches his neck, and makes a grunting sound while pulling back. Afflicting an estimated 5 to 10% of horses, you're bound to see one sooner or later. read more

Soft Saddle G2 Has Its Place in the Tack Room

A review of the Cashel Company's inexpensive Soft Saddle G2. read more

This Feeder Gets It Right

The Natural Feeder offers a smart design to minimize hay waste. Its sizing is just about perfect for two to three horses. read more

With His Hands, Dougie Hannum Treats The Equine Athlete

Hannum has been a therapist to horses at the highest levels and to horses just starting out for almost four decades, at seven Olympic Games and at competitions from New Jersey to California. "It’s hard to really say what I do. But what we try to do is to give the horse the best opportunity to give the best performance. We try to set a horse up for his maximum performance,” said Dougie Hannum. read more

When Your Horse Turns Out to Be a Lemon

A discussion about trying to protect yourself from "dirty" horse sellers, with suggestions on how to proceed if you do end up with the "wrong" horse. read more

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