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Horse Journal Online June 2014 Uploads

All of June's uploaded content in one downloadable PDF. read more

Euthanasia: Let’s Talk it Over

Discussion about euthanasia and your horse. Making the decision, preparation and what happens to your horse when he is euthanised. read more

Your Sweating Horse

Discussion about when sweating is a worrisome sign in your horse and how to supplement electrolytes and salt. read more

Horse Journal’s OnCall Service: Your Own Personal Equine Consultant

Do you have a horse-related question? We’ve got you covered. With Horse Journal OnCall, querying subscribers receive a free, prompt, individualized answer, whether it’s about horses, equitation, product choices, veterinary concerns, or just finding a particular article on our site. read more

Horse Cut with Scalpel

Horse cut with scalpel, near jugular vein. See story here. read more

Levi's Artwork Helps Pay the Bills

This horse does paintings to help pay for his owner's illness. Read more here. read more

RIP Sapphire

We were so sad to learn that the great jumper mare Sapphire died due to complications of colic. She and McLain Ward were an incredible team. read more

Supplementing Salt

Determining the amount of salt your horse needs to consume in warm weather. read more

The Cutaneous Trunci Muscle Reflex in Horses

In a clever study, eight horses “volunteered” to wear 56 reflective markers on their sides. Special infrared cameras tracked the movement of the markers after skin stimulation with a stick wand. The cutaneous trunci muscles work to twitch and remove irritants like flies. They also can twitch with the stimulation of a rider’s leg or the touch of a crop. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Do I Really Need to Use a Bit?

Should I continue to try to get him to work with a bit, or just forget it? I won't be riding any discipline that requires it—we'll just trail ride for fun. If you think he should be wearing a bit, how will I get him to accept it quietly? And should he hold it still in his mouth before I try to ride with it? read more

Horse Shot in Cincinnati

Link to story about horse shot in Cincinnati read more

Moldy Leather

How to prohibit mold in your tack and saddles and how to get rid of mold in your tack and saddles. read more

Equine Dental Care

Article discusses equine dental care and why it's so important to your horse's overall health. read more

Dressage and Jumping World Cup Competitions in Omaha

The FEI released the names of the host cities for major competitions over the next three years. The big news for the USA is that Omaha (yes! in Nebraska!) will host the joint Longines FEI World Cup competitions for jumping and dressage March 27 to April 2, 2017. Get those hotel reservations in! read more

Ecovet Fly Spray is Strong

A review and comparison of the new horse fly spray from Ecovet. read more

Horses Injected with Gasoline

Horses in Florida injected with gasoline. read more

A Look Back: "Here’s Hoping We’ll Host Another WEG Soon"

Performance Editor John Strassburger reflected on the thrill of the 2010 WEG in Lexington, KY. read more

2018 World Games to be in Canada

World Equestrian Games 2018 location read more

Horse Blocker Tie Ring Fills A Gap

Few situations put us in as much danger as trying to untie a panicking horse. Double the trouble if you’re trying to release one inside a trailer. When a horse panics and collides with the end of a tied rope, the result can be injury to the horse and any human trying to help him. No horse should ever be tied with a device that does not release. It can be the tie itself, the snap that holds him, a quick-release knot or even a breakaway halter of some type. That horse has to be able to escape if necessary.ReleasesQuick--release snaps work well, but they take some pressure read more

Media Critique: Where Does My Horse Hurt?

"Where Does My Horse Hurt'" by Renee Tucker DVM is a colorful, well-organized volume that provides an excellent introduction to how chiropractic works and a detailed explains what it can do for you and your horse. read more

Magnesium For OCD?

Discussion about a research study that shows many magnesium can help with OCD in horses. read more

Safety Thought: Metal on Cross-Ties

Which end goes on the horse? It's a frequent question when attaching cross-ties to the horse and the wall. read more

AVMA Serious About Compounded Drugs

American Veterinary Medical Association's task force on compounding pharmacies is serious about getting things under control. read more

NBC's Coverage of the Belmont Stakes

NBC's coverage schedule link. Belmont Stakes. read more

Joint Products: Some Pricey Ingredients Are Worth Your Money

Sometimes horses with advanced joint issues or high athletic demands need more help than glucosamine and/or chondroitin can give. That’s when you need the “double-barrel shotguns” of the supplement world: hyaluronic acid (HA) and MSM (methysufonylmethane). Of course, there are a host of other ingredients out there. Some are worth your money, but many aren’t. read more

Managing Tendons: It Doesn't Have To Be A Stretch

Seeing your horse's head bob can make your head throb!? High fever, a swollen eye, you name it?our horses really keep us on the edge of our seats.? But one injury that gives us serious indigestion is the dreaded "soft tissue" injury. Soft-tissue injuries usually involve muscles, ligaments or tendons. read more

The Search for an Affordable, Trustable Joint Product

Article discusses entry-level (least expensive) reliable, good joint products. Makes specific recommendations. Offers charts to help consumer make the right choice in product purchases. read more

North Carolina Foal Born in Wild with Crooked Legs

North Carolina Foal Born in Wild with Crooked Legs read more

Stall-Fan Safety

Just look at the back of an ordinary fan, and you’ll likely see the glint of the copper wires in the motor. That tells you the motor isn’t sealed. That means it's not suitable for your barn. read more

Veterinary Visits: Knowing When to Make the Call

Veterinary Visits:  Knowing when to Make the Call   When your horse turns up with a laceration or a runny nose, knowing whether or not to call the veterinarian isn’t always... read more

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