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May 2014 Uploads

Everything uploaded to our site in May 2014 in one PDF. read more

Search Function Offline

Horse Journal search function problems. read more

NBC News Addresses Equine Population

NBC News Addresses Equine Population declining numbers. Their story is based on the latest USDA survey. read more

Doppler for Laminitis

The goal of this study out of the veterinary teaching hospital at the University of Murcia in Spain was to look at a noninvasive but objective way to evaluate horses with laminitis. read more

Promising New Therapy for Joint Problems

From Ohio State University and two private practices comes an interesting article on a treatment for osteoarthritis in horses. As reported in the February 2014 issue of the American Journal of Veterinary Research under head author Alicia Bertone, DVM, PhD, 40 horses with bony arthritis were treated with a new intra-articular joint injection therapy. read more

Horse Too Thin?

An endurance horse was passed by vets for a 100-mile racein France, despite a "skeletal" look. read more

Devon Live on USEFNetwork

Live coverage of the Devon (Pa.) horse show from USEFNetwork. read more

Errors in Veterinary Medications

The CVM tries to prevent some of these mistakes before they happen. Similar drug names may require a change to better differentiate drugs. A bottle of tablets must contain certain information even if the intent is to dispense portions at a time. That information includes strength, number of pills or capsules, expiration date, etc. Additional information is supplied on the container and the package read more

Comeback Challenge From "A Home for Every Horse"

A Home for Every Horse is excited to announce The Equine Comeback Challenge is going to the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in October! read more

Fly Armor Stands Up to the Heat

Our results during cooler temperatures were negligible, as expected, but when it was hot and humid the effect was clearly visible. We saw a noticeable decrease in face flies, mosquitoes and gnats, although the effect didn’t seem to cover the entire horse as well. The biggest decrease in pest activity was clearly around the face, ears and eyes with the nosebands and browband. read more

Ulcers in Horses

Estimates of ulcer prevalence are 25 to 50% in foals and 60 to 90% in adult horses depending on age and performance level! Broodmares, racehorses, and horses in intense competitive training show the highest ulcer prevalence among adults. Basically, if you walk a horse up to a veterinarian and ask if it has ulcers, the veterinarian would be betting with the house if he or she responds, “Yes.” read more

The Baucher Snaffle: How Does It Work?

We’ve found the Baucher can be a useful bit for a horse that is particularly sensitive in the tongue and bars of the mouth. The hanging design keeps the bit lifted from these areas, and even when strong contact is applied, some horses clearly find this action more comfortable than that of a traditionally placed snaffle. read more

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