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Media Critique: Modern Eventing With Phillip Dutton

Review of book by three-day event rider Phillip Dutton. read more

Coming in March 2014

A list of some of the articles that will appear in Horse Journal March 2014. read more

Horse Journal February 2014

Towing Vehicles Too Clean Stalls Thrush Products Horses Who Pull Phillip Dutton Book Review A Look at Equine Trends Dogs and Hoof Chews Aged Horses Research read more

Solving The Puzzle of Horses Who Pull

Article discusses horses who are strong on the bit, pull, bolt and take off when riding. Includes solutions and suggestions. read more

Urgent Care: A "Too Clean" Stall - No manure or urine spots

Determining if a lack of manure or urine in your horse's stall indicates an illness. read more

Trailer Towing Vehicles: Torque

A simple way to determine if the car or truck or SUV you're choosing to pull your horse trailer is powerful enough. read more

Equine Performance: Products And Trends That Make a Difference

A discussion of current trends - learned helplessness, rolkur, longe till dead LTD, Game Ready, helmets - and our horse lives. read more

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