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Frostbite! Real But Rare

Frostbite is caused when cells in tissues freeze. In very cold temperatures your horse will shunt blood flow away from his extremities and concentrate on keeping the core body and the brain warm. In people, this is why your fingertips and toes tend to feel the cold first. In a horse, the most susceptible tissues are the ears. read more

A Camcorder Can Be An Educational Tool

You can video any ride you want with a helmet camera, but the educational benefit is probably limited to those disciplines for which reliving the line or track is important. The camera we tried the Sony Action Cam (see sidebar), has a high-definition/slow-motion mode, which can provide footage to analyze movement, footfalls and gaits of horses you own or are considering buying. read more

The Words of a Stranger

If everyone who could type “www” were honest, the review system might work. However, according to an ABC News report, ”As many as 30 percent of online reviews are fake, from hotels to toys and books.” That’s because marketing departments can ask people to post reviews that boost their products. They can also ask people to post bad reviews about a competitor’s product. read more

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