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Six Reasons To Breed Your Mare

I’m riding three lovely young horses we bred ourselves, three of about a dozen we’ve been involved in the breeding of. As they’ve started to compete, it’s caused me to ponder again the question of whether it’s better to breed or buy a new horse. read more

Swollen Eye

Dealing with an eye injury in your horse. read more

When Is It Right To Retire A Horse?

Veterinarians consider the horse’s age, overall physical condition, past and current lameness/medical issues, and the level of work. We merge these facts with our own opinion and make a recommendation to our client, the horse owner. The horse owner weighs our input—along with contributions from friends, trainers, blogs, chat rooms, and magazine articles—and makes the decision. But it’s not easy. read more

The Equine Lifestyle

Of course, horses didn’t used to be so fat, said Ken Marcella, DVM, in DVM360 magazine: “The first study to look at the problem of the overweight horse was done in 1998 by the National Animal Health Monitoring System for the United States Department of Agriculture, which estimated that roughly 5 percent of horses in America at that time were overweight. read more

Solutions For The Skinny Horse

Maximize grass hay, but consider alfalfa, too. Alfalfa complements grass by providing amino acids, the building blocks of protein. It can be fed as hay, cubes or pellets (be sure to moisten the cubes or pellets to prevent choke). Approximately 30 to 40 percent of the total hay ration can be fed as alfalfa, but avoid feeding more than 50% to prevent enteroliths. read more

Horses And Trailers Don’t Always Go Together

Horses seem to have a sixth sense about it—everything is ready and you’re right on time for a lesson, a show or the vet. It’s time to put the horse on the trailer. And then he... read more

Navicular Syndrome: No Longer a Scary Prognosis

A relatively small percentage of horses have navicular syndrome, yet virtually all horses have one or more of the conditions that can predispose a horse to it. That’s why we suspect there’s still a lot unknown about navicular syndrome and why it occurs in some horses and not in others read more

Toys For The Stallbound Equine

Remember the American Tourister commercials of a gorilla wreaking havoc with luggage at an airport? Now replace that gorilla with a horse stuck in his stall with nothing to do. Even luggage that can stand up to a gorilla won’t work here, so finding appropriate and safe toys to keep your horse entertained can be a challenge. read more

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