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Our performance was fueled by our determination to provide the best information available

by Cynthia Foley
Enter at A Much like the breeding of a champion horse, the development of Horse Journal began with a vision, a picture of what we wanted to do with our creation. We knew the publication would be consumer-oriented, driven by its content, not by advertisers. We were determined that it would be highly informative, offering expert guidance. And it had to be authoritative.   We entered the publishing arena led by creator Timothy Cole, the talented editorial director of Belvoir Media Group, and J. Michael Plumb, eight-time Olympic equestrian and three-day eventing legend. This formidable combination of publishing genius and equestrian brilliance produced the first issue of Michael Plumb's Horse Journal in February 1994.   As that first issue whisked its way to subscriber mail boxes, Margaret Freeman, our associate editor, and I joined the team. With constant coaching from Tim and Mike, we cultivated Horse Journal's content, building its muscle and strength,... Continue Reading

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Commercial Feeds For The IR Horse

A horse, like a person, can have a metabolic rate and genetic tendency toward obesity. Combine this with a lack of exercise, too many treats, overfeeding, even stress, and the easy keeper is at risk for hormone imbalances, the most critical of which is insulin resistance or IR. And insulin resistance helps set the stage for laminitis (founder). Take heart, though, there are practical solutions. read more

Breaking News: Merial Purchases Legend and Marquis from Bayer

Merial purchases the horse products Legend and Marquis from Bayer. The addition is a boost to an already strong equine portfolio of products. read more

GumBits For Grinding

When people hear a horse grind its teeth, the immediate assumption is that the behavior is caused somehow by the rider. This generally isn't the case, at least not directly. read more

Mounting Blocks

Mounting blocks are not an easy way for you to mount. They're an easier, safer way for your horse to experience you climbing into the saddle. read more


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