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The Baking-Soda Bargain

It has many uses around your barn.

by Horse Journal Staff
The Baking-Soda Bargain Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is inexpensive and found in any grocery story. It has myriad uses and performs as well as many more-expensive products. At 50 to 75 cents a pound, it’s hard to complain about the price. At a warehouse club, it may be as low as 20 cents a pound.  Some of our favorite uses around the barn include: - Clean bits, stirrup irons, any metal. Rinses off easily with plain, cold water and leaves no after-taste. - Scrub algae and any type of buildup from water buckets/troughs and feed buckets. - Excellent choice to scour automatic waterers. - Absorb spills of hoof oil and other greasy substances. - Soak brushes clean. - Gentle spot cleaner to remove urine or manure stains from coats and blankets. Mist area to be cleaned with water, apply paste of baking soda, rub in with a small brush. Brush off when dry. - Use as a deodorizer on wet spots in stalls. - Sprinkle in barn aisle to control odors and... Continue Reading

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