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When It's Hot, It's Hot

And if jackets are excused, take advantage of it.

by Margaret Freeman
When It's Hot, It's Hot If you're comfortable, you will ride better. I judged a dressage show in Florida recently – and doesn’t that just sound like a fabulous idea:  a Florida dressage show in the middle of the summer.  The show came about because an ideal facility was available, the Van Kampen covered arena at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center which, at 360' by 210', was large enough to hold two standard dressage arenas with plenty of space left over for warmup.   For those who don’t live far south of the Mason-Dixon Line or in the Southwest, a covered arena is a very different animal from the indoor arenas they may be used to.  A covered arena usually has a kick-rail and a roof but no sides. In the case of the PBIEC arena, there’s just a roof.  Not only does this provide shade, but it also channels a soft breeze through continually.   Much to my surprise, I’ve been more comfortable riding in the... Continue Reading

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