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Here’s How To Choose The Right Body Protector For You

The most vital factors are: How it fits and the type of riding you do.

by John Strassburger
Here’s How To Choose The Right Body Protector For You Three-day event riders are required to wear a safety vest. Selecting the best body protector for you can be a highly personal choice, rather like choosing a saddle, a pair of riding boots or a pair of breeches. But from a safety consideration, it can be as important as choosing the right riding helmet. Download a PDF of this article here. With both helmets and body protectors, three factors are most important—fit, quality and the type of riding you do. But, as with anything humans wear, style and color also often make the sale. In the case of body protectors, some riders prefer a softer, more pliable feel, one with a design and materials that allow them to feel as if they’re wearing nothing more than a down vest. Others like to feel as if they’re wearing a bulletproof vest, that they’re wearing something that will really protect them if they fall off. We at the Horse Journal aren’t able to test body protectors for their protective... Continue Reading

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Here’s How To Choose The Right Body Protector For You

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