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Thyroid Dysfunction

Reaching for a thyroid supplement product might not be your best option.

by Grant Miller, DVM
Thyroid Dysfunction       Most people are familiar with thyroid malfunctions, most commonly either thyroid cancer or inadequate thyroid gland function, as either hypothyroid (under activity) or hyperthyroid (excess function). Many obese people have their thyroid gland removed and spend their lives taking exogenous thyroid medication to regulate their metabolism. Sometimes obese horses (the ones that "gain weight on air" or  exhibit a general poor hair coat and low energy level, causing us to suspect the thyroid gland, based on human hypothyroid symptoms. But is the equine thyroid really the culprit? It's not always clear. Unfortunately, equine medicine still has relatively little information about the thyroid, although We've come a long way in the last three decades. So, if you're concerned about thyroid (dys)function in your horse, read on and we'll get you headed in the right direction. A LITTLE GLAND, WITH BIG JOBS. The thyroid gland's purpose is to capture iodine from... Continue Reading

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