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WEG Endurance is Underway

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WEG Endurance is Underway Maria Alvarez Ponton is part of the UAE WEG team. The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 endurance ride starts today, Thursday Aug. 28, in Normandy, France.  The 160-kilometer ride takes place in Sartilly, just over 100 kilometers from the main Games venue in Caen. You can view the competition here. The 2014 Games introduces a higher minimum speed, this year set at 15 kph, set to ensure that all horses competing are fit enough to deal with the distance and tough questions asked on track. And for the first time at Championship level, the track is made up of only five loops rather than the more traditional six-loop format. The competition is being held over one of the most technical courses in history. Loop 1, La Lucerne is 37.9 km long and stretches to the north of the venue. Loop 2, Avranches is 35.8 km long, and includes the stunning bay with the incredible backdrop of Mont Saint-Michel. Champeaux, the third loop, is 32.8 km long and covers ground to the west of the... Continue Reading

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