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What I Learned This Month From One Of My Horses

Boogie’s training has focused on developing his “holding” strength while trying to maximize his natural “pushing” strength.

by John Strassburger
What I Learned This Month From One Of My Horses I finally achieved a lengthy period of heavenly “throughness” that day.I like to say—often—that if you haven’t learned something every time you ride your horse, then you aren’t paying attention. It can be a tiny lesson (perhaps an affirmation of something you learned years ago), or it can be a huge lesson, a gigantic breakthrough. With that in mind, I’ve decided to start periodically writing about the things my horses teach me as I work toward my competitive goals in eventing with them. My observations will be primarily about the three competition horses I have here at our Phoenix Farm, two of whom we bred and one whom I’ve been training since he was barely 3 years old. Phoenix Amani (whom we call “Amani”) is 7 and now in her second season of competing at preliminary; Phoenix Bellisima (whom we call “Bella”) is 5 and in June completed her first training level event; and Bravo’s First Class (whom we... Continue Reading

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