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"It Ate Tony."

One of the lines from the funniest video series on horses ever.

by Cynthia Foley
I became a fan of SmartPak's series of videos, titled "If Horses Were People," as soon as I saw the first episode. They are laugh-out-loud funny, and Sarah, who plays the horse, probably ought to get an agent and head to Hollywood. She's awesome, as is her "straight man." A fabulous team! Included here is their June release - "It ate Tony" is positively something I've "heard" my horse say on more than one occasion. All I have to do is think about that line and I laugh. If you want to see them all, here's a link to the entire playlist. There are nine total, so far.  SmartPak is an equestrian retailer, best known for their innovative SmartPak system of supplement distribution. Continue Reading

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