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Why It’s Really Hard To Retire Your Horse

Honestly, you don’t want to face that a part of your life has passed by.

by John Strassburger
Why It’s Really Hard To Retire Your Horse Retirement is like your best friend telling you that you can no longer share an activity that you love doing together. I received quite a few comments from readers on my Horse Journal blog “Why I Decided To Stop Competing Alba,” so I thought I’d share some additional thoughts with you on the topic of retiring horses from competition or riding. Pat Robinson of Elk Creek, Mo., is a reader who sent me a lovely letter. In it, she described her recent decision to retire her trail horse after 13 years of traveling the countryside with him. Pat wrote: “We have traveled many, many trails and done our share of trail-blazing due to trails being blocked by falling trees, or just plain exploring. I do still get to ride him around the farm, but I will miss seeing the bluebells each spring and the bald eagles each winter, and all the other special things we shared.” I understand what Pat means by her touching words. Until the time came to stop competing my... Continue Reading

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