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Why I Decided To Stop Competing Alba

She competed mostly on heart, because she tries her hardest every minute of every day.

by John Strassburger
Why I Decided To Stop Competing Alba Heart and trust made Alba and I a great cross-country team.A few months ago I came to the difficult conclusion that it was time to stop competing my wonderful Quarter Horse mare Alba (who competes as Firebolt), and allow her to become a schoolmaster here at our Phoenix Farm. I didn’t make the decision because of soundness problems or because of old age (she’s only 12). I decided to stop because she’s gone as far as the rules allow her to go in eventing, so there was no point in continuing to ask her to give her maximum effort in almost every event. Plus, after starting eight intermediate events (and completing six of them without cross-country jumping faults), she’d accomplished far, far more than we ever thought the 15.2-hand mare ever would when her former owner left her with us without a word in October 2008. And she did it mostly on heart, because she tries her hardest every minute of every day. In fact, on some days I wished she’d try a little... Continue Reading

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