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The All-Important Bed Check

With a thank you to Leonard for teaching me one important lesson years ago.

The All-Important Bed Check Your horses won't care if you're dressed in jammies and pink fuzzy slippers.Whatever your age when horses first entered your life, someone was probably there to usher you through the basics of both rudimentary care and riding.  My first legitimate horse contact came late - in my 20s, but fate plunked me right down less than a mile from a horseman’s horseman.  He quickly sized me up as being fervently clueless and from the start was astoundingly generous with both his time and knowledge. I’d known him less than a week when the phone rang around midnight.  I’d had a hard day trying to dig post holes in rocky pasture and had finally fallen asleep.  When I picked up the receiver, it was Leonard. “What are your horses doing right now?”  No greeting. I mumbled something like, “Uh, eating or sleeping?”   He said, “The last thing you do before you brush your teeth and get into bed is check your... Continue Reading

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The Cribbing Controversy

Call it what you want - cribbing, crib-biting or wind-sucking -we all know it when we see it or hear it. The horse latches onto a horizontal surface with his front teeth, arches his neck, and makes a grunting sound while pulling back. Afflicting an estimated 5 to 10% of horses, you're bound to see one sooner or later. read more

Soft Saddle G2 Has Its Place in the Tack Room

A review of the Cashel Company's inexpensive Soft Saddle G2. read more

This Feeder Gets It Right

The Natural Feeder offers a smart design to minimize hay waste. Its sizing is just about perfect for two to three horses. read more

Look For Online Pharmacy Accreditation

We have expressed caution over the years to our readers about using Internet pharmacies. Many aren't reliable or safe, selling inferior drugs, contaminated products or incorrect compounded drugs. read more


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