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Did You Know? Bananas Are For Horses

When horses are given a choice, they like funugreek and banana flavors best. Bananas are easy to feed just add sliced pieces to the feed, peel and all, if you'd like. read more

Mounting Blocks

Mounting blocks are not an easy way for you to mount. They're an easier, safer way for your horse to experience you climbing into the saddle. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: She Won't Jump Oxers

My horse willingly jumps verticals, but doesn't like to jump oxers and usually refuses them. When she does jump oxers, she jumps over them as if they're filled with alligators. What do you think is wrong and what should I do ?Performance Editor John Strassburger responds: The first thing I'd do, especially if the horse shows other spooky behaviors, is to have your veterinarian examine her eyes. I read more

Safety Thought: Holding A Horse

Protect yourself and others: Know which side of the horse to be on when working with another person. read more

The Ideal Equine Winter Wardrobe

It's not as simple as a turnout blanket. Your horse's needs vary with the temperature. read more

The Baking-Soda Bargain

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is inexpensive and found in any grocery story. It has myriad uses and performs as well as many more-expensive products. read more

Media Critique: The Alchemy of Lightness

A book review about the dressage book "The Alchemy of Lightness" and why its emphasis on joy can make a big difference to you and your horse. read more

Solar Water Trough

A description of a field trial using a solar water trough during the winter for horses. read more

Media Critique: Kottas On Dressage

This book is a long-awaited resource, with brilliant, well-placed color photos that clearly show what the author is discussing and line art that further drives the text. The rider in the photos is Kottas's daughter, and many were taken in a field, showing there's no reason to be ring-bound, even if you're doing "dressage." read more

October 2014 PDF

A single PDF of all the articles uploaded in October 2014 read more

Horse Blanket Repairs: A Sticky Situation

An article about how to repair horse blankets yourself, including products that will help you and when you need to send the horse blanket out for repair. read more

Media Critique: 40 Fundamentals of English Riding - Essential Lessons in Riding Right

Here, in a clear and concise format, are the basics of true classical riding. Her writing style is indicative of her skills as an instructor as she takes you through these fundamentals. The concepts are basic, classical, and undeniably correct. it's a book that should sit on every instructor's bookshelf, for reading by the teachers and students alike. read more

Giving to Horse Rescue Organizations

Advice on helping horse rescues in your area. read more

Safety Thought: No Loose Horses

You want to leave the doors open on a center-aisle barn as much as possible to allow air circulation, but the door should always have some sort of barrier, particularly if there's no stable yard with a gate. read more

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