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  • What about using minocycline to treat? We had a barn of 10 horses test positive in serum and had to...

    Lauren Horsfield | Horse Journal OnCall: Leptospirosis In Horses

  • Please don't go! This publication was my "go to" for everything related to my horse. You leave a...

    Tracey | Enter at A

  • I wonder what the motive was..

    Calyssa Blaire | Camelot Farm - 3 Horses Dead

  • I like to think of myself as a cat when I get on a horse lol

    Calyssa Blaire | Mounting Blocks

  • Of course it's possible to do thinks, ie: dismount on a mounting block, but it usually comes down to...

    Calyssa Blaire | Mounting Blocks


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Horse-Ownership Survey - Takes 10 Minutes

Mar 05, 2012

If you've got 10 minutes or so to share your opinion and your buying habits, the American Horse Publications 2012 AHP Equine Industry Survey is well worth your time. It's simple, and the questions and options are interesting.? Their 2009 survey had 11,171 participants, which they say is the largest to date.? Go to
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