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Emergency: Acute Laminitis Attack

Note: There are a mind-boggling number of trim methods being touted by this expert or that for regular trimming, laminitis and other hoof ailments. We advise you to stick with the basics and discuss your options in depth with your veterinarian and farrier. This is not the time to go messing around with a new trimming theory. Your goal is to ensure the stability of the coffin bone and relieve the horse’s pain.While there are a number of good pain-relieving hoof-support products in use for laminitic horses, we find simply fitting the feet with a layer of Styrofoam an excellent read more

Start Simple And Work Up

It's a medicine basic: Look for the simple problems first. For instance, if your horse starts to limp, check first for a rock in his hoof. However, when your horse is in pain, it's easy to forget simple ideas. Horses can compensate for pain in different ways, often making the trouble appear to be a lameness when it's not. A complete physical exam is a critical first step. read more

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