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Fly Armor Stands Up to the Heat

Our results during cooler temperatures were negligible, as expected, but when it was hot and humid the effect was clearly visible. We saw a noticeable decrease in face flies, mosquitoes and gnats, although the effect didn’t seem to cover the entire horse as well. The biggest decrease in pest activity was clearly around the face, ears and eyes with the nosebands and browband. read more

Fly Mask Choices

If your horse will wear his fly mask in a playful herd you will need solid heavy-duty construction and good fit. This is a double-edged sword as heavier materials can cause rubs if not applied and fitted properly. Turnout horses get dirty and stay dirty longer. Fleece will hold dirt and moisture against the skin which could lead to issues. read more

Hoof Dressing

All theses are fine reasons to use a hoof dressing, but you should choose a product guided by what you’re trying to achieve. If it’s shine, that’s one thing, but if you want to help restore hoof integrity, it’s a good idea to choose one with some antiseptic ability. read more

Connecticut Legislature Passes Law that Horses Are Not Inherently Vicious

Does this mean that horse owners are off the hook entirely when it comes to all liability for any injury or damages caused by their horses? Absolutely not. The new law merely rebuts an automatic legal presumption that horses are vicious and that injury is always foreseeable thus making a negligence claim all but a foregone conclusion. read more

How Safe is Your Horse's Barn?

A quiz from University of Guelph on biosecurity in the barn plus a link to how to do good biosecurity in your own barn. read more

Pitch Fork Decisions

There are those who just will not give up their basket-shaped fork heads. And we do understand. But we found the NewWave fork’s slight dip in the tines worked very well, unless you were really trying to grab three piles of manure from arena footing or something like that. Otherwise, in normal stall cleaning, it’s terrific read more

Fly Sheets 2014 – Lots of Improvement

In this trial, we noticed the horse fly sheets really trended toward extreme protection. Many we tested included neck covers, belly coverage and very fine mesh to protect the horse from smaller insects and UV rays. And the equine Bucas Zebra print sheet has some validity to the “stripes confuse flies” research from a few years ago. read more

Stumbling: The Trip You Don’t Want to Take With Your Horse

We’re going to investigate those missteps, and we’ll call it “stumbling” if it happens to either such a degree or with enough frequency to set off alarms. The problem should not to be ignored; some of our best riders have suffered permanent disability and even death from a seemingly innocent bobble. read more

Muddy Walkways and Horses

Lay your carpet at your gates or along horse muddy paths, any high traffic area you’d like to protect. You might want to start with short pieces initially, gradually adding to the length and width. Your equine solid citizens will take a few tentative steps, but soon stride right out. read more

Shedding Season Tools

Everyone is familiar with the flexible metal shedding tool. It can be used with one hand or two and, using long gentle strokes, it does an OK job pulling out loose winter hair. it's inexpensive, too, at about $6 or less. However, it doesn't pull out a lot of hair with each stroke. So, we usually reach instead for our traditional oval rubber curry (about $3). read more

Barn Surveillance: Know What’s Out There

Experts report that a burglary occurs once every 13 seconds. Horse farms are not immune from criminal behavior. An estimated 40,000 horses are stolen, in addition to millions of dollars of farm equipment and tack. read more

Trailer Towing Vehicles: Torque

A simple way to determine if the car or truck or SUV you're choosing to pull your horse trailer is powerful enough. read more

Toys For The Stallbound Equine

Remember the American Tourister commercials of a gorilla wreaking havoc with luggage at an airport? Now replace that gorilla with a horse stuck in his stall with nothing to do. Even luggage that can stand up to a gorilla won’t work here, so finding appropriate and safe toys to keep your horse entertained can be a challenge. read more

Weight And Balance Rule In Forks

If you're doing a couple of stalls a day, you probably don't realize how much of a difference the right tool can make. But if you're doing a barn of 10, we know you have favorites. read more

Gimme Shelter

Of course, no horse is comfortable in a freezing, wind-driven rain, which is why some genius invented Gore-Tex and we plop down big bucks for it. With the tremendous array of high-tech sheets and blankets now available to horse owners, you can protect your horse from almost anything nature throws at us. With tail covers, neck quilts and layers of breathable insulation, your horse is essentially carrying a barn on his back anyway. You still always have the option of allowing your horse to go au natural, if you’re willing to bring him back into the barn on the few occasions read more

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