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Automatic Feeders Offer Convenience

From the facility with large numbers of horses to feed to the single horse laid up and in need of frequent, regularly-timed feedings or the horse owner with a hectic, unpredictable life schedule, automatic horse feeders can make caring for a horse easier. Furthermore, automatic horse feeders may be beneficial to a horse’s health. read more

Give Your Horse A Hott Wash

In the warmer months, we pay little attention to whether there's hot water available or not. Most horses appreciate a cool-water bath after a sweaty work, and the sun will do the job of warming water enough for cleaning tack and brushes. But when the temperatures fall or hot water is a veterinary necessity, barns without a water heater can become a royal pain. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: What If The New Horse Is Different Once You Get Him Home?

An attorney responds to a question from an article about horses that are "lemons." read more

Keep Your Horse Sound

An abundance of therapy options are emerging for horse owners to consider for keeping their performance horses sound. read more

The Cribbing Controversy

Call it what you want - cribbing, crib-biting or wind-sucking -we all know it when we see it or hear it. The horse latches onto a horizontal surface with his front teeth, arches his neck, and makes a grunting sound while pulling back. Afflicting an estimated 5 to 10% of horses, you're bound to see one sooner or later. read more

This Feeder Gets It Right

The Natural Feeder offers a smart design to minimize hay waste. Its sizing is just about perfect for two to three horses. read more

With His Hands, Dougie Hannum Treats The Equine Athlete

Hannum has been a therapist to horses at the highest levels and to horses just starting out for almost four decades, at seven Olympic Games and at competitions from New Jersey to California. "It’s hard to really say what I do. But what we try to do is to give the horse the best opportunity to give the best performance. We try to set a horse up for his maximum performance,” said Dougie Hannum. read more

Beautiful Video to Watch

We enjoyed this pretty little song and the accompanying equine video. Nicely done. read more

When Your Horse Turns Out to Be a Lemon

A discussion about trying to protect yourself from "dirty" horse sellers, with suggestions on how to proceed if you do end up with the "wrong" horse. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Older Horse with Worn Teeth

Nutritionist Juliet Getty responds to a reader asking for information on feeding an older horse with bad teeth. read more

The Cutaneous Trunci Muscle Reflex in Horses

In a clever study, eight horses “volunteered” to wear 56 reflective markers on their sides. Special infrared cameras tracked the movement of the markers after skin stimulation with a stick wand. The cutaneous trunci muscles work to twitch and remove irritants like flies. They also can twitch with the stimulation of a rider’s leg or the touch of a crop. read more

Ecovet Fly Spray is Strong

A review and comparison of the new horse fly spray from Ecovet. read more

Horse Blocker Tie Ring Fills A Gap

Few situations put us in as much danger as trying to untie a panicking horse. Double the trouble if you’re trying to release one inside a trailer. When a horse panics and collides with the end of a tied rope, the result can be injury to the horse and any human trying to help him. No horse should ever be tied with a device that does not release. It can be the tie itself, the snap that holds him, a quick-release knot or even a breakaway halter of some type. That horse has to be able to escape if necessary.ReleasesQuick--release snaps work well, but they take some pressure read more

Mosquitoes Can be Deadly

Tips on controlling mosquitoes around your barn and property to protect you and your horses. read more

Stall-Fan Safety

Just look at the back of an ordinary fan, and you’ll likely see the glint of the copper wires in the motor. That tells you the motor isn’t sealed. That means it's not suitable for your barn. read more

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