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Mounting Blocks

Mounting blocks are not an easy way for you to mount. They're an easier, safer way for your horse to experience you climbing into the saddle. read more

Safety Thought: Holding A Horse

Protect yourself and others: Know which side of the horse to be on when working with another person. read more

The Baking-Soda Bargain

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is inexpensive and found in any grocery story. It has myriad uses and performs as well as many more-expensive products. read more

Safety Thought: Pay Attention To Blanket Straps

Leg straps on blankets tend to get too long without us realizing it. Elastic stretches and buckles slip over time. Straps should be checked frequently to make sure they aren?t too long and a horse could catch up a leg. Even if you remove your horse's blanket daily to check his skin and for rubs, pay extra attention to the straps, as they're easy to overlook. read more

Solar Water Trough

A description of a field trial using a solar water trough during the winter for horses. read more

Should I Use Polo Wraps?

A reader asks what the benefits are of polo wraps. Response from Grant Miller DVM. read more

Drying Blankets

A field trial using a blanket dryer for horse blankets in a horse barn. read more

End Barn Odors

A discussion about good products for deodorizing horse stalls. read more

Dogs and Hoof Chews

Dogs like to chew on and consume hoof pieces after the farrier leaves. Is that OK? read more

Help Wanted: Are You Practicing Due Diligence in Hiring Your Farm Employees?

An attorney and horsewoman discusses why it's so important to ensure the person you hire is qualified to do the job and has a clean background check. read more

Stop Blanket Zap

Blanket zap from static electricity is a minor annoyance to some horses and a source of horror to others. This is a very individual reaction. The same blanket will be fine on one horse, while another may be zapped from it so badly that he’ll suddenly fly backward, becoming a serious danger to himself and anyone around him. read more

Hitting the Road With Your Horse: Finding the Right Horse Trailer

An informative guide to help you select a horse trailer that suits your horse, your geographical location and your needs. read more

Heated Water Hose

We've always said don't mix horses, electric and water, which is why we pass on electric buckets and water-trough heaters. These devices involve the horse, and no matter how safe or untouchable the electric portion may be, we worry that a persistent horse may get to it. read more

Footing—Don’t Lose Your Financial Grip

How to have good footing for your riding arena without breaking the bank. read more

The Right Stallion for Your Mare

A frank, honest article about how to select the right stallion for your mare and your needs. read more

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