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Equine Vaccine Reactions

I finally read your May 2008 issue on vaccines. It contained very good advice. But the reason I have not read it sooner is because, for the past two months, I have been busy dealing with a very bad reaction my 17-year-old mare had to her annual vaccines.  My mare had a reaction a few years ago (106?° temperature and off feed), so my vet always gives the shots, split a month apart, and always gives her Banamine before the injections, plus I give her Banamine the next day. This year that was not enough. She developed a high temperature, lameness and then an awful abscess,

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Strength Is So Important In Horse Training

John Strassburger

Training horses for eventing or dressage is a lot like training human athletes for sports like gymnastics, track or figure skating. Actually, I’d say that training a horse to event is a lot like training a person to do all three of those sports. read more

Fly Sheets 2014 – Lots of Improvement

Beth Hyman

In this trial, we noticed the horse fly sheets really trended toward extreme protection. Many we tested included neck covers, belly coverage and very fine mesh to protect the horse from smaller insects and UV rays. And the equine Bucas Zebra print sheet has some validity to the “stripes confuse flies” research from a few years ago. read more

Equine Herpes Virus Update

Grant Miller, DVM

Recent reports of Equine herpes virus Type 1 in numerous states prompt state veterinarians to issue warnings to horse owners to be on the look out for the virus. This post covers some of the basics about the virus, including how you can lower your horse's chances of contracting it. read more

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