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AVMA Serious About Compounded Drugs

Recent equine deaths part of the spur to get moving on this.

June 06, 2014

This article from the June 2014 issue of Horse Journal.

You can check for certification before using a compounding pharmacy.
Consumers Beware: The American Veterinary Medical Association announced on June 4 that it has renewed its determination to get the problems surrounding many compounding pharmacies under control. This is due to the frequent reports of animal illness or death after consuming drugs made at some of these businesses.

The AVMA's newly revised Task Force will look into questions about compounding pharmacies and make recommendations for legislative action to solve the difficulties and protect our animals and consumers.

The recent deaths of the horses in May of horses who consumed EPM drugs from a compounding pharmacies has been cited as one of the main reasons for stepping up their efforts.You can read the entire news bulletin here. 

Many horse people use compounding pharmacies, especially when their horses are on long-term pricey medications.  And we do understand. However, over the years, we have repeatedly warned consumers to use caution when selecting a pharmacy - especially when the drug will be compounded - and to check for pharmacy accreditation. Be honest with your veterinarian about where you plan to get a prescription filled, as he or she may have additional information for you about the company. 

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