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Did You Know? Bananas Are For Horses

Juliet Getty, Ph.D.

When horses are given a choice, they like funugreek and banana flavors best. Bananas are easy to feed just add sliced pieces to the feed, peel and all, if you'd like. read more

Commercial Feeds For The IR Horse

Juliet Getty, Ph.D.

A horse, like a person, can have a metabolic rate and genetic tendency toward obesity. Combine this with a lack of exercise, too many treats, overfeeding, even stress, and the easy keeper is at risk for hormone imbalances, the most critical of which is insulin resistance or IR. And insulin resistance helps set the stage for laminitis (founder). Take heart, though, there are practical solutions. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Nutrition and Healthy Hooves

Juliet Getty, Ph.D.

Response to question about equine hoof growth by Juliet Getty, Ph.D. Dicusses dietary needs. read more

Horse Journal OnCall: Older Horse with Worn Teeth

Juliet Getty, Ph.D.

Nutritionist Juliet Getty responds to a reader asking for information on feeding an older horse with bad teeth. read more

Solutions For The Skinny Horse

Juliet Getty, Ph.D.

Maximize grass hay, but consider alfalfa, too. Alfalfa complements grass by providing amino acids, the building blocks of protein. It can be fed as hay, cubes or pellets (be sure to moisten the cubes or pellets to prevent choke). Approximately 30 to 40 percent of the total hay ration can be fed as alfalfa, but avoid feeding more than 50% to prevent enteroliths. read more

Winning Nutrition: Are Weight-Loss Supplements Worth Your Money?

Juliet Getty, Ph.D.

The market is saturated with products to help people lose weight. But if you read the fine print, you’ll notice they all say the same thing: “For best results, combine with a low calorie diet and daily exercise.” The same is true for your horse.  An overweight horse strains his joints with every step and becomes more prone to insulin resistance, and fat cells can also promote bad inflammation. It’s easy to see why weight loss is paramount to your horse’s longevity. Start Simple. Supplementing antioxidants helps reduce inflammation from fat read more

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