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Saddles For Women

Margaret Freeman

Another skirmish site has formed in the ages-old battle of the sexes, this time in the field of saddle design. Some women are asking themselves whether saddles designed mostly by men for equestrian disciplines developed historically by men are working with them or against them. read more

Missing the Olympics Already

Margaret Freeman

It came as a surprise to me that, even with the newer and more transparent – and very complicated --judging system, the judges at international skating competitions are still anonymous and considered part of their national delegation. read more

Revisiting "The Horse Fair"

Margaret Freeman

The Met has a wonderful exhibit of western bronze sculptures now, which you can see at the same time as Rosa Bonheur's "The Horse Fair." read more

Flying South for the Winter

Margaret Freeman

Thoughts about your horse spending the season in Florida. read more

Stop Blanket Zap!

Margaret Freeman

Dry winter air, especially after a snowfall, sets up conditions where static electricity is conducted more easily on your horse, abetted by a long winter coat and synthetic blanket materials. read more

Performance Show Coats

Margaret Freeman

A tailored show coat that is also washable: It almost seems too good to be true. Almost. However, advances in performance fabrics over the last few years mean it’s now harder to buy a natural-fiber coat that requires dry cleaning than a coat that trumpets “Machine Washable!” on its hang tag. We weren’t convinced, though, so we set out to see for ourselves with moderately priced coats. At the same time we talked to riders at shows and sales people at tack shops about higher-end coats. We found one serious disconnect—when riders pay a lot of money for a nice show read more

Fall Blanket Woes

Margaret Freeman

  ?I cracked up when I drove past a cleaners the other day and saw a sign that proclaimed ?it's horse blanket cleaning time!?? No, it isn?t.? it's blanket-finding time or even blanket-buying time.? Blanket-cleaning time was last spring.? Or, rather, it was supposed to be last spring.? What likely happened was that the blankets hung on the rack gathering dust until someone couldn?t stand the sight of them any more or wanted the rack to dry saddle pads that were now collecting sweat.? The blankets ended up in the loft, covered with even more dust and probably some hay bales. read more

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