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Fall Is For Feral

Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

With the short days I do call them in if they will come. I bang on the metal gate and holler. Some times they lift their heads, glance my way and go back to grazing. If one decides to come, the three of them will stroll back to the culvert, troop across and then trot or gallop up the lane. read more

Consumer News: Adequan Returns To Market This Fall

Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

Adequan is an effective, widely used medication for arthritis management in horse and dogs (see September 2011 “Is Adequan or Legend Best?”). The drug has been in limited supply for quite some time, with the supply totally depleted this past summer. This was due to FDA-initiated renovations at the manufacturing plant owned by Luitpold Animal Health. Regular production was set to resume in early 2014.  Fortunately for the many horses relying on the drug, Luitpold, in conjunction with the FDA, announced an update on that plan with an anticipated release date read more

When To Jump On The Bandwagon

Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

When a new product appears, veterinarians tend to clump into one of two groups. The first group immediately leaps on the bandwagon and embraces the new product or technique with open arms. These vets are dying to try out new things and may even actively search out cases to try the “new toy” on.  The second group of veterinarians is like a herd of Arabians. They approach the new product with eyes wide and nostrils flared. At the slightest hint of a possible problem they tend to spook away, sometimes dramatically. These vets may never switch over to a new medication read more

Coronary Band Injury

Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

The easiest coronary band injuries to deal with are minor scrapes and scratches. These are superficial and unlikely to cause a problem. Simply clean them up and apply generic triple-antibiotic ointment, if you feel you need it. No need to call your veterinarian, unless you’re not sure.  Things get trickier as the wounds get larger or more challenging. Some horses tend to over reach and may clip the rear of the coronary band on the front feet. This can happen to a rear foot as well if young horses get rough housing and chasing and jumping on each other out in the read more

Miniature Horses Require Full-Size Care

Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

Miniature horses are increasingly common across the land. In fact, the American Miniature Horse Association is one of the fastest growing horse groups in the nation ( You may spot minis as mascots at show barns, trimming the grass in suburban neighborhoods, in their own show barns and even acting as seeing-eye guides for people with visual handicaps ( read more

Blog Special From Contributing Veterinarian Dr. Deb Eldredge: Mud Season Will Be Soon Upon Us

Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

Of course, this may be wishful thinking as we have had a mild winter so far here in upstate New York. Still, even with a blow out blizzard or two, I suspect mud season will soon be upon us. With a snowflake type Appaloosa, a grey Arabian and pinto mini among our equines I can't really ignore the mud or say I didn't notice it. read more

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