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Fall Is For Feral

Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

With the short days I do call them in if they will come. I bang on the metal gate and holler. Some times they lift their heads, glance my way and go back to grazing. If one decides to come, the three of them will stroll back to the culvert, troop across and then trot or gallop up the lane. read more

Something’s Not Right

Cynthia Foley

Do you listen to your horse?  Really listen . . . while you’re grooming, tacking up, warming up? Or do you chat with friends, or mull over work or family problems, all the while going about the motions of grooming without any thought? I enjoy the barn camaraderie, too, hearing the latest new twists in someone’s life or commiserating about a recent low score. But I also purposely pay attention to what my horse is doing. How she is behaving? Is she reacting normally or is something off?  I watch my horse for signs of pain or tenderness. Does she object read more

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Cynthia Foley

When I compare the longevity of horses from my youth to the ones in my barn today, I realize the wonder of the advancements we’ve made in veterinary medicine and, especially, veterinary nutrition. The lives our equine friends are so extended that riding a horse into his mid 20s is pretty commonplace.  When I was a kid, we were lucky to have a horse make it to his early 20s without a devastating illness, whether it was navicular, colic, or something that either couldn’t be diagnosed or had no known treatment. Today, there’s virtually no limit to vet care, read more

Are Horses 'Innately Vicious?'

Cynthia Foley

A Connecticut Supreme Court will hear an appeal today about a boy bitten by a horse in 2006, according to an Associated Press story in today?s paper.? The story says that the boy tried to pet the horse, and the horse stuck his neck out from behind a fence and bit the child on the cheek. Apparently, the initial ruling, in 2010, was that ?the child's father, Anthony Vendrella Sr., failed to prove the owner knew of previous incidents of aggression by Scuppy (the horse).?? The horse was not known to bite anyone before, so there was no foreseeable reason to believe the horse read more

Want To See Your Horse on the Internet'

Cynthia Foley

Do you have a great photo of your horse you'd like to share with the world' Well, here's your chance. The Equestrian Medical Safety Association (EMSA) is seeking any equine-related photographs to improve read more

Magnetic Therapy Is The Real Deal

Cynthia Foley

Sorting through the scientific studies on the clinical response to static magnetic therapy in various conditions is as much a quagmire now as it was when we first did this topic 11 years ago. A major problem with the human trials is that many authors don't give enough technical details to make it possible to compare different studies. Even if the disease being studied is the same, such as arthritis, but one study is negative and another positive?and they don't include details such as the stage of arthritis, type of magnet, strength of magnetic field, distance from the skin read more

Pentosan For Aching Joints

Cynthia Foley

Our September 2011 article, comparing Adequan to Legend helped readers decide if injectable systemic joint supplements may be a good fit for their equine programs. As a sequel, we want to discuss? Pentosan, a nutraceutical with impressive anti-inflammatory properties.? It works along the same lines as all of our other joint supplements: It helps to combat inflammation by stopping the release, or preventing the action, of inflammatory mediators.? Some studies have found it to be 10 times as potent as other joint supplements in stopping inflammatory mediator releases.? But, read more

Great Gift Idea For Your Horse Friends (and yourself)!

Cynthia Foley

Why not give something that lasts throughout the whole year and treat yourself, too' ?Our holiday 2-for-1 special! Your friend will thank you every day of 2013! read more

Getting Hitched: Trailer-Hitching Helpers

Cynthia Foley

Some people have little problem backing up to their horse trailers, dropping the tongue on the ball and taking off for a show, event or trail ride. Then there are the rest of us. We back up, get out and look, pull forward, move over three inches, back up again, get out and look.? . . . read more

Processed Salt and Natural Salt Differ Mainly In Price

Cynthia Foley

Nutritionally, these salts are very similar. read more

Do You Plan To Breed Your Mare'

Cynthia Foley

It sounds perfect: You own a mare?especially a mare whom you?ve enjoyed in competition or in years of trail riding?and you think you should breed her before she becomes too old. ?Wouldn?t it be neat to have another horse just like her'? you dream. But it's nowhere near that simple. Breeding your mare is going to cost you real money, possibly a ton of money?and perhaps much more emotionally?just to get a live foal who can stand properly. And breeding isn?t cloning?while the foal may be similar to your mare, he or she won?t be an exact copy. Breeding your mare and producing read more

Eartec Is Wired For Sound In The Riding Arena

Cynthia Foley

Radios make it easier to hear your trainer in a crowded warm-up ring and even at home. read more

Ask Horse Journal: How Do I Find The Right Joint Product'

Cynthia Foley

Dear Horse Journal, The glucosamine/MSM/chondroitin etc supplements I've used had trace amounts of each, so I am not convinced any did any good. I'm still searching the seemingly hundreds of supplements to get a significant amount of all ingredients. For example, when I find one with 100mg HA, they are short of everything else. What is an elderly horse owner to do' Horse Journal Contributing Veterinary Editor Grant Miller DVM responds: Yes, there are hundreds of joint supplements on the market.? Searching through all of them can overwhelm a horse owner, especially when you are trying to read more

A Home for Every Horse

Cynthia Foley

If this sounds like a great idea, you're right. And has developed a program, called ?A Home For Every Horse,? ?with the goal of finding homes for as many unwanted horses as possible. THere's a special tab on their website? that says ?Rescue Horses.?? Click it and?you can quickly search through the available horses. I dare you to look at those horses'?faces and not at least think about taking one?into your barn! ?You can also visit the program on Facebook. Part of the AIM Equine Network ? the owners of Horse Journal, Equus, Dressage Today, Practical Horseman, read more

Let There Be Light

Cynthia Foley

Well, maybe not. I'm so fed up with electricians I'm actually considering putting flashlights in our brand-new barn. We've gotten three estimates from electricians and all three have gave us different advice?even on the amps we need?and the estimates are from $5,500 (with us buying the material) to over $12,000, including the lights, wires, etc. Yes, I said $12,000. No, I don't know why. We want to have six to nine lights in the 60 x 80 arena (although I'm seriously considering just ditching ever riding at night), two lights in the barn aisle, and six lights in the loft read more

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