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This Feeder Gets It Right

Our test horses were attracted to it.

by Lee Foley
This Feeder Gets It Right We believe the Natural Feeder is a comfortable way to slow feed hay. We fully support the concept of slow feeding because it best mimics natural grazing, which the modern horse’s physiology is set up to use but today’s horse management systems often can’t match.  Like you, we’ve seen all types of homemade hay feeding devices for horses. It seems the more accepted the concept of slow feeding becomes, the more numerous are the do-it-yourself (DIY) products.    Those DIY products are interesting, and we applaud the effort and ingenuity it takes to produce a good hay feeder.  Like most of our readers, we maintain pretty tight horse budgets, so DIY can be attractive. But not everyone is capable of making a horse-proof feeder.  If you go to YouTube and search for “horse feeder,” you’ll find a host of  contraptions out there. Or search on Google for slow feeding and click the images tab. Most of the homemade... Continue Reading

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This Feeder Gets It Right

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