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Equine Melanoma: What Options Have We?

Several advances in equine medicine and surgery provide promise for horses with melanoma.

by Grant Miller, DVM
Equine Melanoma: What Options Have We?        Whether we care to admit it, virtually 100% of grey horses either have, or eventually will have melanoma.  The white hair and black skin which define a grey horse prime it to get this form of cancer by optimizing ultraviolet light penetration into the skin.  Melanoma tumors are encapsulated masses made up of cancerous pigment producing cells.  They can range in size from a small pea to a baseball and are most commonly located:   ·        In the perianal/ rectal area ·        On or under the tail ·        In the croup area ·        In the throatlatch region just below the ears and extending down the curvature          of the jaw (mandible) ·        In the commissures of the... Continue Reading

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