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Horses and Planes

Horse killed when frightened by helicopters.

by Cynthia Foley, Horse Journal
Horses and Planes In herds, when one horse runs, they all run. This morning, I saw a story about a horse who was killed because of helicopters flying overhead. Apparently, some helicopters flew abnormally low over a field and the horses in that field began running, with one of them crashing over a fence and onto the road. She ultimately broke her leg and was humanely destroyed.  I can feel the family's pain, and I know that I would be inconsolable if that happened to one of our horses. But was this the fault of the helicopter pilots? Our farm is on a main flight path to a nearby international airport. So many planes fly overhead every day that I don't even notice them anymore, unless someone with me says something about it.  And they fly low, with their landing gear down. Fighter jets are frequently seen overhead (and heard!), but are largely ignored.  We have helicopters that fly low over the farm, too - so low that my husband says they can see right into our living room -... Continue Reading

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